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Is There a Bach Coat of Arms, Respectively a Johann Sebastian Bach Coat of Arms


The 100 most important Bach FAQ.


The Bach Coat of Arms. Are you a Bach lover? Plus, you researched with this term, or Johann Sebastian Bach Coat of Arms and "landed" here. That means, you are at the perfect place to learn more about this subject. However, why did I call this art work with these, my words. Why didn't I decide for the correct term?


It is, because I want to meet you, although you decided for a seldom used wording for Johann Sebastian Bach self created family squiggles plus a crown on top of it. Here is a little secret, how to meet you on Google. But first ... I myself googled for that term "Bach Coat of arms", when I was unsure in the beginning which is the right translation. Because in Germany and on many German websites you do find many hints with a 1:1 translation. So you actually think, it's the same term in German, and in English. It's not the case. Please google "Bach Wappen" and hit the images button to verify this. After I found out, that the search term "Bach Coat of Arms" and "Johann Sebastian Bach Coat of Arms" does almost deliver no result, which you probably wanted to find (... except my wife's uploaded graphics and articles), I thought, I clarify this. Just for that reason, I do not use any of the "right" words for that graphic and the images on this, my website page. So this website page is supposed to show up, when you google "Bach Coat of arms" or "Johann Sebastian Bach Coat of Arms".

This is the Bach Coat of arms, which you probably were searching for. But maybe, it's also the Bach Coat of Arms until the year 2009. And, to make it clear: Today I know the difference between the term "coat of arms" and the options, after all five.

This was the official Bach Coat of arms for some 260 years, which is from 1750 to 2009.



Or did you have that coat of arms in mind? It is still a lot more widespread in the USA and probably most countries in the world. However, this was the former Bach Coat of Arms which the Leipzig, Germany Bach Science and the Bach Family used. After they found out, that Bach invented this coat and the crown with only five cones or prongs. You can enjoy a very detailed background by clicking on FAQ 106 via the navigation your left.

This is the first Bach Coat of Arms, which Bach left in a church in Sangerhausen, Germany in the year 1702, even before he had a first job. Read more about this strange hint in my FAQ 106.


This is the Bach Coat of Arms which led to a change of the graphic, which is shown as the second image above. They clearly saw, that the crown had "only" five prongs. So Leipzig Bach Science and the Bach Family changed the use of the "right" Bach Coat of Arms. More information? Click to FAQ 106. © Thanks to Mr. Dr. Markus Zepf (Bach Archive, March 2019), who photographed this image.


How smart. The Bachhouse in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, stayed out of this, by using just the six letters "J + S + B" in their hint in front of the Bachhouse and the modern Bach Museum on the right. But they added the dots. Do you want to learn more about them. You know, what to do.

When I was fully into the subject of the Bach Coat of Arms, I learned more, which options are around today. And this is a very special one. The Bach Drinking Cup, which you can still see in the Bachhaus. The specialty: The six letters are not only 3 "right" and three mirrored, but they are in the "actually wrong order", which is "SJB", which would be Sebastian Johann Bach. The cup was a gift to Bach some years before he died in 1750. © A warm thank you to derector Hansjörg Hansen for letting me use this pic.

That option of eight different options is what Johann Sebastian Bach himself used to end his letters or to confirm a receipt. The unclarity in the material, when they investigated about the number of the prongs in the crown, led to the 260 year "wrongly" used variation of the symbol. Was it really so hard to figure out, there were only five prongs?


Finally, when you are on the hunt (... so to speak) for these options of the Bach Coat of Arms, you are more than happy, when you find an eighth of these squiggles. There was only one image, even using all search terms and clicking on "images" when I googled. So it was more than a coincidence, that I found one more. Because it was located in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, I was lucky that "may personal" genealogist lives there with his family. He took this photo above for me, including the permission to publish it. © Christian Hoske and his wife.



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