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How Many Johann Sebastian Bach Monuments + Bach Memorials Are There On Earth?


There are some thirty Bach monuments – after my personal count – in the whole world. In this chapter tributes in metal and stone are "permitted"plus even if they are just monuments in the broadest sense. The location of the monument doesn't have to be outdoorsy. But just something on the wall that let tourists know, Bach did this and that here, won't do. I don't count it as a memorial


Firstly there are the monuments in Germany and the most important one is surely located in the Bach city of Leipzig with two Bach monuments. That is the probably most famous and is located on the side of the St. Thomas Church. You can't miss it. The "Old Bach Monument" in Leipzig which is much easier to miss – and that is true, if you stop your "Bach experience" after you discovered the Bach Museum on your left and the Bach souvenir shop on the right. However, it's actually really easy to discover: it' absolutely close to the St. Thomas Church and the mentioned Bach memorial above. Just go on walking on the narrow street between the Bach Museum and the Bach souvenir shop – the so called Thomassshop –  direction main entrance of the St. Thomas Church: after ten steps – instead of turning right – you stand right in front of it. You almost stumble over it.


Position number two and three – when it comes to cities with historic places for Bach lovers – is due to the Bach city of Eisenach and to the Bach city of Ohrdruf. Firstly Eisenach. Considering the 250 years of honoring Bach here on the Frauenplan, which is the name of the street, a Bach monument surely is the Bach monument which was the most famous for the longest period. It's way older than the one in Leipzig. Than the New Bach Monument. But not older than the New Bach Monument.


In Ohrdruf there are two uncommon monuments for Johann Sebastian. One doesn't show him like other monuments do, which is in a sculpture. The second doesn't as well. On the other hand the first monument is the only monument in the world which brings two of the greatest composers on earth together. The statement of Beethoven is, that "Bach" (... which is creek for you English speaking folks) shouldn't be "Bach" but "Sea". The second memorial is in the middle of the city's green area and it honores not just the master, but his oldest brother, to whom Bach moved in after the death of both mother and father and the whole Ohrdruf branch of the family of musicians.


We go on and remain in Thuringia. Arnstadt. Here Bach is hanging around in front of City Hall. It's a cool monument, that shows Bach like ye probably was in his young years. A rebel, inconvenient, easy going – but brilliant as well.


Dornheim, right on the doorstep of Arnstadt, three minutes distance by car. In the wedding church, in the center of the village – it's impossible to oversee it – a sculpture reminds of the marriage between Johann Sebastian Bach and his second cousin Maria Barbara Bach. By the way, it's a cute Bach Place – be sure to have some extra minutes, if you come to Arnstadt anyway.


Koethen. Sure, there is a Bach monument for the composer in the Bach City of Koethen too. Its color is white and it is located right in front of the second home of the family, when Johann Sebastian Bach spend his time to make music for the sovereign of Koethen there. By the way, the first home isn't existing any more.


Muehlhausen. An exciting work of art. Bach stands beside the foundation of his monument. Really impressing is this the work between the gigantic Lord's House. The relations appear really different than on the photo.


In Weimar they have hidden Bach until today, sort of, and if you compare the size of Bach's work during his time in Weimar and put it in relationship to the size of his tribute, than her the by far smallest monument for the greatest musician is located. Plus, Weimar not yet has a Bach House and no Bach Museum. May be it is different one day.


In Cleveland, Ohio I found the youngest statue of Johann Sebastian Bach and it's located in the German Cultural Gardens. As I found it at late as March 2015 it needs many more months to find a way how I can provide both Bach enthusiasts and students and teachers with niche pictures. Right now, here's a link to check on this monument: click here.




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