Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps from Asia


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2010  China



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With a high probability this is no stamp in the sense of a release by a postal institution and experts might argue, it's not even a cinderella. Exciting on this block is the ratio of 1:3. And who actually is the gentleman in the upper left corner? We provide the solution with a click here.


1970  Former Soviet Union



1985  Former Soviet Union



Did you know, that Haendel is born in the same year like Johann Sebastian Bach? 1685. And even more: both are born in the month of March. But Haendel is the older one: he is born on 3rd of March, Bach is born on 21st of March.


1985  India



1985  The Maldives





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Allow yourself the pleasure and experience this stamp in high resolution. With its attached border piece of the stamp sheet surely one of the unusual stamps in the collection.


2000  Israel



Johann Sebastian Bach on Stamps in the Arabic Area


What an exciting stamp among the Bach stamps in the world. Feel free to figure out, how this one is related to the composer from Thuringia. Or just click on the link below the sheet.


1971  Fujeira



1971  Ras Al Khaima



The Bach stamps from the United Arabic Emirates are considered not issued by the local authorities by many stamp collectors, they are even considered illegally issued. However they are just printed paper, if they don't claim to be issued by the government and hurt the violate the rules of this state. Often you recognize the gorgeous pictures as no stamps when you realize the different writing of the state. Plus, if the stamp is already printed with the postage stamp, the probability it's a fake stamp is high.


1969  Ayman



1972  Sharjah



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