The Bach Bibliography by

Professor Yo Tomita

The "Bach on Bach" project wants to do many things: spread information, entertain, publish what has been found and publish rediscovered. And to bring it into a light and modern form. It doesn't want to have to make room again soon. Because something else will be hip. In a world with a galloping, even greedy desire to be constantly offered something new, treasures that have already been discovered are lost again. The bibliography of Professor Yo Tomita at the University of Belfast in Ireland counts 52,850 publications on the subject of Bach. And here, like sunken cultures, there are finds that disappear again in these thousands of works. Which get lost again in the ever-increasing wealth of information of our age. Discovering them a second time, then putting them together and finally, managing them specifically: That is our goal.


Entertainment and fun should become the driving force to want to experience it all. Our vision with this project is this. To transfer this collective knowledge of Bach into the future. That is what this work - our work - wants. It wants to create a parallel but also a partner universe to Bach's great music. A universe that will still be telling, reporting and inspiring about the time before our own 200 years from now. And this Johann Sebastian Bach project also sees itself as a virtual, exciting museum related to one of the greatest composers of all time.

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