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Bach gifts! That is to say gifts around the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach. You cannot buy them here. However ...  you can "experience" them here. You may buy these Bach gifts at "Bach 4 You", the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House. However, on this page, we introduce many Bach gifts and their stories to you. Therefore, there is much to read. You get a better summary here on a different website, compared to where you can purchase the gifts: in 30 seconds you may click through the whole offer. On this page, you will just find pics of many Bach gifts. Youngest offer and that is the whole pride of the publishing house are 33 Bach calendars alone. Together with 66 more music calendars – all come in European Style – "Bach 4 You" is the only calendar publishing company in the world that specializes in music calendars. However, you can buy many of the calendars with a grid, too.


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One of two Bach stamps calendars. 2024 + 2025. Plus ... please visit four additional Bach stores as well  learn more. By the way: Many music calendars are also available in the US calendar style (... 50:50; with grid).


The very first Bach gift of course just has to be a Bach calendar in poster format, that is to say, European format style. 12 Bach cities and Bach places are designed in shades of blue and shades of grey and a historic portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach decorates every monthly page. If you like, please go on reading and learn, why there are value priced and hot off the press calendars, and what the difference is. By the way, if you are here via Google, here is my recommendation to visit the website "Bach On Bach" with its huge and exciting Bach fun and information offer.



Bach Calendars Are Bach Gifts!


From the very beginning, it was 2012, one thing was clear: In the common mission – the project "Bach On Bach" and the offer of the Renate Bach Publishing House – we wanted at least offer two to three bach calendars. That is to say one with pictures of the Bach monuments to honor the baroque composer and one at least, which is created with the many bought engravings, erasures, paintings and scribbles around the genius. That was our plan until summer 2014. The time has speeded meanwhile, the plans have quadrupled and staring with a plan and two calendars meanwhile 33 have developed, which the publishing house wants to publish year after year with no change at all. In three sizes, which is 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, next is 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and finally 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. The specialty: they all are European format style. You might call it a poster style, too and of course, all of them are wall calendars.


The "Grandfather of all Bach calendars", even better of all 99 music calendars and for that reason it's a Bach gift too: The Bach monuments calendar. The most interesting and most exciting Bach monuments are compiled, which honor the musician all over Europe. However, not all Bach monuments show up in this calendar. However, there might be some, which are really not known to everybody.


Don't confuse the European style music calendars with the 50:50 (US) style music calendars … learn more.



Bach Gifts: 1 Value Priced Bach Calendar and 32 Hot Off the Press Bach Calendars

It is always a challenge in the beginning and that is true for a very small publishing house too. It goes without saying, that is true for a very small calendar publishing house as well. The first scary question of course: How many calendars should we have printed? Even with a very small experience from the print order of the first book about Bach, the answer to this question is pretty different, as calendars are a very perishable "commodity" in addition. Too many printed and January is around the corner than offering calendars is no fun at all anymore. Even with a small edition on "the safe side" the publishing house can offer these calendars for a fair price, but a really exciting value price wouldn't be a possibility. With one Bach calendar – and mentioned here, with 8 more music calendars too – we just give it a trial: the publishing company orders a teeny amount – there just has to be a small risk – and we can lower the price considerably. So, there are – from now on – 9 calendars with a real value price in the publisher's program. 90 more calendars will be – on your request – printed piece by piece as exclusive one of kinds. That is to say in highest quality, regarding the craftsmanship and the paper type and paper thickness. However: The hot off the press printed calendars are still astoundingly affordable if you compare them with similar offers on the market.


That is, for instance, the value-priced composers calendar - by the way and again, it's in European format style - and in this category, that is to say, the composers calendars, there are 5 more value priced designs. On the other hand, there are 27 more composers calendars hot off the press. Two more value priced calendars round the "section of the value-priced calendars": that is one the music calendar for grown-ups, that is to say, the organ calendar from "Bach 4 You" and that is the value-priced music calendar for the littlest kids: "The cute little animals band". Do you want to click to the shop? Okay, it is possible here.


You wanted to see at least one value-priced composers calendar more? Okay, in the pic above there are even two. Plus below this text, you get a first impression of the value priced music calendar for children: "The cute little animals band".


It is your choice: To check on all Bach gifts on one page, no text, that is possible "here in the neighborhood", on this website. Or are you heftily determined, to buy a Bach calendar, a composers calendar, a music calendar or a Bach gift, you want to get to the shop and want to order it: Than please click here.


All Bach Gifts Beyond All Bach Calendars

You believe that we do love our Bach calendars and you would finally like to learn more about all the other Bach gifts now? Okay, you meanwhile know, how and where you find all title pages of all calendars (... if not click here). The 12 monthly calendar pages are what you find in the shop, too. Correct ... with a click here first. After that, you click the picture of the calendar of your choice and you will find these monthly pages under the information regarding sizes and prices.


The biography of Johann Sebastian Bach for children. Ask for the English version. It might be ready when you are here. Either as an eBook or, probably later than that, as an ink-and-paper-edition. Shortcut to the shop "Bach 4 You".


Actually, it is not the only biography that has ever been written by a member of the family of musicians about the icon of this clan. Because there first was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach a long, long time ago, who wrote such a work already in 1750. As late as four years after he had written this text – today we would better consider it a short biography – as a necrology to a broad public. Some 270 years later Peter Bach Jr. wrote a second biography about the Thomas Cantor, as a family member. This biography as well what you cannot compare to a "real" biography, however for the perfect target group – that is to say, kids – it's the perfect mixture from the themes music, life, work and adventures of the master from Thuringia. In addition, the illustrations differ in both biographies of both Bachs – back then and today – dramatically. While there were no illustrations at all in CPE's biography, they are really kittenish, likable and entertaining in Peter Bach Jr.'s. However, he has not painted them.


In the beginning, in 2012, Peter Bach Jr. was looking for a writer in his project "Bach on Bach", who would write this biography about Bach for children. However, Bach didn't find a publishing company, nor did he find an artist, who wanted to take the publishing risk, as the target group of Bach fans – even worldwide – is not what you may compare to the fans, which adore stars on TV or on the internet nowadays. When Bach (... today's Bach) visited his sister and complained about these facts, the rest of the present part of the family of musicians agreed: "That is what you can do on your own!". Bach Jr. started and 10 weeks later, a first raw version of the biography was ready. His sister Petra-Ines agreed to contribute the illustrations and Peter Bach's wife Renate Bach decided to found a book publishing company. A crowdfunding in Germany minimized the risk of the printing expenses and starting in fall 2015 there are more and more Bach fans, who – with their kids – and the book make acquaintance with this theme of classical music. Cool, easy going, fluffy and funny. By the way: this book has a personal website of its own and there you may test read a chapter and you can even listen to the first chapter (... coming in summer 2018).


The Bach Coloring Book

The Bach Coloring Book: A pure family project too.


A similar odyssey was Bach's wish, to make a first connection for the very littlest future Bachs, Mozarts and Beethovens of this world with a coloring book. Even with numerous offers on the internet, he found no artist, who would change 17 Bach stories – which Peter Bach head created in his mind – into 17 painted pictures. The crucial factor? This mission is, was and remains a no-budget project, however seldom, really very seldom it is a low budget project. So, who likes to work, that is to say, paints, just for a cordial thank you? Alternatively, just to be a part of the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. In his desperation Bach talked to his cousin in the US, Briana Bach-Hertzog – she is as well related to the composer, however much closer – who tried to look for a fellow student, who like her but not as experienced as she already was – learn painting from scratch. She did not search a long time for a friend  – she herself cared about the job. After a few months of cooperation, and after the probably shortest German and English biography came into being in that time, the cute work in two languages soon finally accomplished. This coloring book as well is what you can buy since 2015 plus it has its own website. Coloring books seem to be a major fun for grown-ups meanwhile too, so why don't you click yourself on the website of this little cute?


Bach in the Kindergarten

Not just one, there are two Bach Kindergarten Games.



Music Gifts, Music Gifts

There are "music gifts adventure parks" and "Bach gifts adventure parks" … learn more.



It is a little silly, that the coloring proposal for each painting is exactly on the page vice versa. So, if you open the cramps of the little booklet – to "deconstruct" it – then a coloring proposal is on each page on the backward side. However, and it is a pity: it's not for the very picture you color. Complicated? Yes, how can I explain it vivid? However, tearing it apart is no solution to occupy 17 dwarfs. To hand two coloring books to a kindergarten for free, seemed – for the postage alone – much too expensive. That is who they developed: Two Bach Kindergarten Games. And that is how they both get around. Are you a classic fan? Plus you regret that so few folks love classical music? So why don't you sponsor culture? Actually, it's that simple: Just order one of the Kindergarten Games, decide on the kindergarten of your choice, talk to the kindergarten teachers and a mega fun can go off. The kindergarten games as well have their own website.


Bach Tin Figures

"Bach out of tin" and that is to say three-dimensional. Plus Bach is still bare or raw, among experts. Moreover,  uncolored.


Okay, there is a perfect three-dimensional Bach. We do know where to find him, so you are able to buy this Bach for decoration purposes. As a tin figure. A secret tip: One tin figure is decoration, however one Bach raw and one Bach painted are "telling" a really amazing story.


It actually needs some really skilled artists for the painted Bach in the foreground. However, already for the pure, unpainted Bach figure behind him, it does not work without more than one creative person.


How good, if you have a dad, whose hobby still at the age of 93 is collecting and painting of tin figures. Important for him is the fact and actually, of many tin figure collectors, who do not collect tin soldiers: it is about tin figures – figures, not soldiers – that is important to many collectors. You need lead for creating funny results – on New Year's Eve – and not to make tin figures from it. By the way: after pouring tin many figures till have a small edge at the area where both halves of the form meet one another (... in the middle it's hollow for the figure). This edge will be cut off or rasped of by the artist, who paints the figure – in our case, it is Johann Sebastian Bach – prior to prime it. After priming the whole figure the clothes follow, the face and finally the last step and the most difficult is to paint the eyes. These tiny eyes.


But the world was still missing an exciting flat tin figure. That is what those of the "Bach mission" thought. First, a challenge for Bach Jr., later for the dream team Bach Sr. and Bach Jr., both Peters as first names. All experience with the search, collection pouring, and painting of tin figures was bundled – by the way, none of these Bachs is pouring tin – and they found an engraver, who is an excellent painter at the same time. Finally, they found the perfect motive, too, which actually is the Eisenach Bach monument. In addition, they were ready for a next adventure in the matter of Bach. Many weeks later the result was ready and today you can order it. Where? Well, of course in the shop "Bach 4 You".


Would you have known such a thing? The effort for the little cherub is as big as the work for "the whole Bach". Where is the cherub? He is holding the open book and is standing on the basement on the right.


Here you can see the cherub better. However, he is not unpainted but is leaning his arm on this little marble figure.


Bach Complete Edition and the "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe": Two Different Animals


1,128 music works of Bach plus even two gifts on top of it? It is hard to believe, but it's really true.


What would Bach gifts be without music? The offer of "Bach 4 You" in the matter of Bach music is probably the coolest on the whole planet, may be even in the whole Universe. You can buy the complete works of Bach music on 142 CDs at an unbelievable price tag. Plus you get the so-called "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe", which is close to the term of "Old Bach Complete Edition", They call the "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe" 16.800 music sheets with all of Bach's music printed. Of course, you won't get it on paper but on countless pdfs. You can learn much more about this special offer and term right here in the neighborhood of this page. This Bach Gesamtausgabe, the old one, is photographed by Peter Bach Jr. in Leipzig in a bibliography, exclusively for this offer. Coronation of this general offer is one more gift, which alone might be a consideration, this offer is exclusive. Why don't you just click yourself to check on these additional gifts?


By the way: the Neue Bach-Gesamtausgabe, which is the New Bach General Edition with a sales ticket of several thousand Euros is good for music scientists only: Much in that new edition is the same for 99 % of all humans on earth, that is to say for 7.400.000.000 people.


Curiosities in the Matter of Joh. Seb. Bach


This biography is not for reading, it is a decoration!



After several years of research for illustrations for hundreds of Bach pages on three dozen websites finally you sort of know, where to find exciting stuff in the matter of Bach. Some finds are way to valuable, to say goodbye to such a jewel later. As you actually never know, whether you ever meet an engraving of Bach again, which tells by the birth and death date, that he had become 134 years of age.


Hover there are pieces that you find every once in a while. Not every week, not every month, however not that seldom like the mentioned misprint. When we took a photo, or scanned, or made a repair and added to a page of a website than we have to say goodbye to that cute for getting the money to be able to buy the next part for the next subproject. The purchase of the postage stamps alone has cost many hundreds of Dollars. In the picture below you see one of the most exciting pieces and the tribute of the artist for Bach. Did you find the error?


So, did you find the mistake? In the postage stamp from Sierra Leone above? Do you want to click to the shop? It is possible here.


100,000 Music Gifts? Maybe Even More!


Just a reminder  learn more.


Bach Busts, Bach Figures, Bach Statues





Since this page is online, Bach experts all over the world fight. Is it appropriate to name a composer in that league in one word with the trivial building material gypsum? Gypsum? Gypsum head Bach! Actually ...


No, no, not really. We are kidding. And after all, it's no real gypsum, but it's gypseous alabaster. Now it already sounds much nobler, it sounds almost a little baroque. This bust, which is inviting for these little shadow games, is what you can buy almost everywhere, so that is to say here and there too. And that is why you can get it at "Bach 4 You" as well. We decided on the two prettiest on the market. Because ...  yes, because there are some really ugly around, too. Ugly plus now it's true – there are real gypsum heads.


A Potpourri in the Matter of Bach

A Bach calendar, a Bach figure. 

Bach puzzles: Actually, you almost can't approach the classical composers with your kids more carefully!

It goes without saying, you can buy a Bach beer stein at "Bach 4 You", because: Bach beer steins are really cool, exciting Bach gifts too. Of course!


Every once in a while Bach postage stamps are small Bach gifts too. However, if money really plays no role and you are a real Bach fan. Check what special offer is waiting in the Bach gift shop for a buyer.


Wow, You Are Actually Still Here?!


Wow, if you are still reading here, you actually have "deserved" now to be introduced to all Bach calendars, which you could make a Bach gift yourself ... so to speak. Here they are. All 33. An important hint: If you are interested to learn more about all calendar pages, please click to the shop, decide on the section, check out your favorite calendar: The monthly pages are below the title page.


33 Bach Calendars Are Gifts for Musicians

Yes, you saw this Bach calendar on this page already, but because it was the very first of 99 music calendars and because it could be the very best Bach gift for a Bach fan, it is "allowed" here again. Of course ... as the first of all Bach calendars.


Would you be interested in meeting all 99 music calendars and not just the Bach calendars? Please click on the information button.

To avoid sore fingers while scrolling, here's the way to the "Bach 4 You" shop again.

Now you know all 33 Bach calendars, which are so perfect as a gift for musicians for fans of classical music, who prefer Johann Sebastian Bach as their favorite composer. If you now would like to discover the monthly pages of one or of all Bach calendars, it is possible in the shop, and you get there you knew it via this shop link.


Yes, there is something left to mention, so there is some more text here for you to read. Now, you think, you know about the whole summary related to Bach stuff at "Bach 4 You"? Everything that is related to the composer from Thuringia in Germany? No, actually ... you do not know yet. Because there is "another real separate corner" in the shop and there are many, many more offers related to the subject of Bach, even many more Bach gifts. It is in the summary of all sections the lowest and last position. The keyword is "Zazzle". So, are you in the mood? Then just click on the button: There you learn more about Zazzle, too. Or you can take a look directly in our Zazzle shop.

One exception, plus ... yes ... you are right: These are none of the Bach gifts. Not even rudimentary. Because these are the gentlemen Mozart and Beethoven, a colleague of Bach. He is doing promotion here. In his own matter. The publishing house "Bach 4 You" offers not "just" Bach gifts: 99 music calendars are cool gifts in the subject of music. That is why they are as well? Correct: cool gifts for musicians.


Bach T-shirts, Bach mugs, Bach calendars … learn more.



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