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Where There More Musicians in the Family of Johann Sebastian Bach?


Excuse me? Even more than the musical father plus four famous sons of Johann Sebastian Bach?


Yes, there were and there still are more musicians which make this family of musicians the largest on earth.


150 Bache – which was the plural of Bach back then, in German it's Bachs today, or Baeche – made their living or part of their living with performing music and if you add those, who made money with constructing or selling musical instruments or teaching music, there are even more. To get a precise number will be possible in the oncoming five to ten years, that is to say, when we checked all data collections, genealogy files and latest information, which we horded meanwhile from so many kind folks who provided them. However, you get the following information already today: the so called "Ursprung" by Johann Sebastian Bach lists fifty-three musicians, which are actually some fifty musicians, as some had different professions. However, that was 1735 and in different branches were born more musicians.


Leap in time. Already today my wife and I know sevens Bachs, which are making their living with performing music, three of them are well-known beyond the borders of the Federal States or Countries, they are living in, one performs in concerts all over the world. Renate and I estimate a total of some 200 family members, if we add the whole genealogical background plus nowadays Bach musicians.




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