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Did Bach Marry a Second Time, Because He Fell in Love


I am pretending: yes. Johann Sebastian Bach married a second time, because he fell in love with Anna Magdalena. At least we may imagine, that both had a similar expectation of a common future life. Some facts show evidence for such.


Bach didn't look for a "new mother" for his kids. For such a marriage many women would have been around, because Bach at that time at the court of Koethen already was known as an exceptional musician. Bach didn't marry for eighteen months. How to manage a household without his wife is what he surely had organized after a few weeks or months.


Bach and his second wife had, with their love for music, surely more than one common interest, because you don't make music because there is no other job available at the moment of your decision. You make music, because you love music. Actually you make a living, because you don't want to work something different, but music. It's common, today and back then, you can't almost make a living by making music. Very few of those, who would love to do so, manage to. It was different with the Bachs. Johann Sebastian Bach and his second wife made much money with making music, when they met plus shortly before and after they married. That is to say, both were paid well. Plus, both met each other at the court of Prince Leopold, what is proof, that both decided for the same employer.


But of course it might be true, that my opinion is wrong. It is what we will never know for sure. So my answer and opinion to the question above is just built on indications.




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