The St. John's Passion from Johann Sebastian Bach


In both passages of Johann Sebastian Bach, the story of the suffering of Jesus Christ, both of which were premiered on a Good Friday in Leipzig.



St. Johns Passion vs. St. Matthew Passion


Two passions – of six – composed by Bach. How does the St. John Passion differ from the St. Matthew Passion? Actually - and connoisseurs and experts of all levels may once again forbear with me - by nothing. The story: the same. The music: choir and orchestra. This is how easy I am to "Bach over Bach". And even this section of the homepage is exactly the same on the second passion page. Are you still sitting if you understand something? Good. Because it is not that simple. Of course, both passions differ. In three levels. The one excited Kasper like me, which is the absolutely different length. But this is already the case with curious answers. As with all things in life, it is important. It depends on how deeply you want to get in. In the matter, in details – whether you are a professional, an artist, a musician or a Bach fan. Maybe even a particularly sophisticated classic or Bach connoisseur. It is true: the treason, the imprisonment, and the crucifixion of Christ, in both passions, and the fact that one Passion is composed according to the Gospel of John, the other according to that of Matthew.


evel two are then the trivialities, but they are not unspiring. It is the different length of the two passions. And the different cast. As a result, the St. Matthew Passion is by far the most important of the two. Of course, works are different, because otherwise, only the story would be one and the same music single works a different one. And then there is the level three - the coarse and also the subtle differences of the two superworks, which is to explain this is the wrong platform. For she would perhaps inspire a certain circle of fans, she would be superficial for another. So it is up to you: both passages do not differ like the Beatles of Lady Gaga and not like an oboe from a piano. Nor do they like the peasants' apprenticeship from the Toccata to stay near Bach. For those who needed a short answer – superficial, clear, fixed: no difference. For everyone else, you will find the link to Background in Excellence at the end of this page.



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The Mini Difference Between the St. Matthew Passion and the St. John's Passion?


Not quite as historical as the St. John Passion itself, but already quite beautiful – with these ancient documents, the time of Johann Sebastian Bach is approaching quite a bit closer.


First of all, it is the shorter of both. "Just" for about two hours instead of well over three. And she is the older one of Bach's Passions, one of the two preserved works. It was premiered for the first time in 1724 on Good Friday. By the way, mention should be made of five passages in the famous necrologue written after Bach's death. The St. John's Passion is the only historically complete Bach Passion. And, in contrast to the St. Matthew Passion, it was performed in the Nikolaikirche, not in the Thomaskirche.


In the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig, the first performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's Johann Passion took place in 1724 ...


As in the St. Matthew Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach, the story of the Passion of Christ, in the St. John Passion, according to the report of the Evangelist John, depicts what happened about 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land Disciples of Christ.


 Photo: Dirk Mathesius

... around 300 years later the Johannes Passion is performed all over the world, in 2014, for example, in the Berlin Cathedral.



Four performancesFour Variations


Photo: Dirk Mathesius

The performance has changed in some places – and we assert that Bach, who was ahead of his time, would certainly have been delighted by this interpretation after a brief moment of surprise.


Photo: Dirk Mathesius

A feast for the senses, there is also a modern spectacle with light and show for the eyes to Bach's Ohrschmaus in the cathedral of Berlin.


Exactly four versions of the Johannes Passion designed Bach in a quarter-century after 1724. Although interesting is that the last version largely corresponds to the first version, it is expanded however in the instrumental range. While the revival of the St. Matthew Passion initiated the so-called Bach Renaissance in 1827, the St. John Passion was only performed again four more years later.



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