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Who Sings, Sang or Performed the Ave Maria? The Ave Maria from Bach & Gounod? Or the Cool Ave Maria Composed by Schubert & Co.?


Shirin Wolfinger: She sings dreamlike. And I can judge as she is the only artist, whom I can give a "high five" after her performance. Plus she is a really likable, nice, humble person with an outstanding and impressing voice. So sorry that you can only hire Shirin in a 160 miles radius around Stuttgart, a city close to my hometown in Southern Germany, Heilbronn. It goes without saying that I prefer Shirin's Ave Maria by Bach & Gounod. You can check on my verdict by listening to yourself. Please find the Ave Maria by Schubert below and maybe – maybe one day – one of the duos Bach & Gounod as well. The photo, by the way, is taken by Fotostudio Gruppe 4 in Marbach, Germany. Thanks for that.




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Did you realize it, by the way? The headline on top rhymes: better the second sentence does. These are my genes. But I am not serious with that statement. Right at the beginning of the chapter Ave Maria let's discuss the question in the headline: It is confusing because there are two Ave Maria (... I skip the plural here, which would, somehow, sound strange). And both were not composed as Ave Maria(s), but have later developed to such a title in the course of many, really many years.


And that is why it is confusing today. If you talk about the Ave Maria and mean the piece of music, in most cases we speak about of the Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod. How this became what it is today, is what you can learn with a click here. Because on this page here, FAQ 102, it's all about those artists, who sings or performs the Ave Maria. The most important and "... to state it clearly and  And it is not "the Ave Maria of Bach", to make it crystal clear and explicit ... it is not the "Ave Maria by Bach". You can not describe it like this and you can not call it like this. It's better the Ave Maria of Bach & Gounod because Gounod took at least the half for his work from Bach's compositions. Artistically fair is: it's a common product and therefore you call it the Ave Maria by Bach/Gounod.



Acapella: The Ave Maria ... composed by Schubert.


Why don't you visit Shirin on her website – Shirin Wolfinger – to listen to many cool songs? Shirin is on Facebook, too. Plus on Even peppers. Or listen to the "duo Shirin Wolfinger and Holger Engel": two cool gigs are already here, chosen by me for you! Artwork 1. Masterpiece 2. By the way: Holger, by the way, is looking forward to your visit on his personal website, too. Visit him with a click on this link.


Want a bonus now and from me for you. Just listen to this gig. This time with instruments in the background plus one more latecomer, which I found right before my editorial deadline and added it: one more time a music piece a cappella. Wow! Renate and I have the pleasure and honor to listen to her voice every once in a while and we are looking forward to each next even. The last one was just for an exclusive bunch of 20 fans. Goosebumps pure!


Don't be fooled by the same picture as the video above. It's a different performance.


My Section with Lousy Own Creativity: Just a Long List of Exciting Names – Artists Who Perform or Performed Ave Maria


Bach, Gounod, Schubert – actually who really cares?! Of course, I am kidding and the Bach/Gounod version just has to be the" most important one" on this page of my website. However: Here they are.


Aaron Neville, Al Bano, Amigos, Amira Willighagen, Amy Dickson, Andre Rieu, Andrea Bocelli, Andreas Scholl, Angela Wiedl, Angelika Milster, Aretha Franklin, Axel Becker, Barbra Streisand Belsy, Beyonce, Bianca, Brings, Celine Dion, Celtic Woman, Charles Aznavour, Chris Norman, Connie Talbot, David Archuleta, David Bisbal, David Garrett, Deborah Sasson, Gregorian, Harry Connick jr., Hayley Westenra, Hein Simons, Heino, Heintje Simons, Helmut Lotti, Il Divo, Il Volo, In Extremo, Ingrid Peters, Jantje Smit, Jeanette, Jennifer Rush, Jewel, Joan Baez, Johannes Kalpers, Jonathan + Charlotte, Josh Groban, Karel Gott, Kastelruther Männerquartett, Katharina, Katherine Jenkins, Kelly Family, Lena Valaitis, Leo Rojas, Leona Lewis, Mara Kayser, Marie Deutschland, Marshall + Alexander, Michael Bolton, Michael Buble, Michael Hirte, Michael Hirte, Michelle, Monika Martin, Mylene Farmer, Nana Mouskouri, Nina + Mike, Nina Hagen, Noa, Only Men Aloud, Opus Sanctus, Orchester Anthony Ventura, Oswald Sattler, Die Paldauer, Patricia Kelly, Paul Potts, Peter Hofmann, Peter, Sue + Marc, Petruta Küpper, Priester, Priests, Ricardo Marinello, Richard + Adam, Richard Clayderman, Roten Rosen, Roy Black, Russell Watson, Sarah Brightman, Sarah Connor, Shiring Wolfinger, Silvio D'Anza, Stevie Wonder, Tarja Turunen, Tom Astor, Tony Marshall, Trollfest, Ute Freudenberg, Vanessa Calcagno, Vincent + Fernando, Vittorio Grigolo, Angela Wiedl + der Münchener Marienchor, Belsy + Florian, Peter Kent + Luisa Fernandez, Tarja Turunen + Harus, Vader Abraham + die Schlümpfe.


Of course, there will be even more and additional great artists next year, who sing or have sung the Ave Maria. Some are fresh in the business, some are not even born today or still play in a sandbox currently. Or there will be a world-class singer, who never performed one of the Ave Maria(s) before, but he or she did meanwhile. However: There is an "editorial deadline" today – on July, 28th 2017 – and for them mentioned in this paragraph – so sorry – it's too late. How good, it's not at all important to be a part of this list.


Honestly ... I Guess I Became Addicted in the Blink of an Eye!


To be really honest with you – actually I am always honest – I decided to put just one more song of Shirin on this page of my website. However, while I was "handcrafting" the text, the headlines and the picture underlines, more songs came up automatically in the background on, which I listened to while I wrote. And that is why I present one more bonus even after the above mentioned "editorial deadline". Just listen to this performance: It's now the beginning of July 2017 and her next private concert with an invitation of friends is the end of July. I guess I love her music more and more. And Renate loves her music anyway. We can't almost await her next performance and concert. So, here is one more bonus and her complete website address again: Shirin Wolfinger – Wedding Singer and Free Wedding Narrator.


The title "Ein Traum wird wahr" "A Dream Comes True". Shirin: Bravo!



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