Genealogist Christian Hoske


The perfect person at the perfect location. Mr. Hoske knows exactly, where to research, he knows how to research and he finds it, if it's there



An Expert Not Just in the Matter of Bach


Mister Hoske – or actually better: our Mister Hoske. We met him by a hint of the AGOFF society, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ostdeutscher Familienforscher, which is the "Working Group of Eastern Germany Family Researchers" and we are still happy today about their help. Mr. Hoske is living with his family in Eisenach, Thuringia, and he is our ally on the hunt for evidence in church records and historic documents.


On these genealogy pages you will read about the different degrees and depths of a possible personal research for your own roots, too. One thing is for sure: the day will come, when the research right on your doorstep, so to speak, will come to an end. Further back in time, is what you get only with a little more financial effort, a little more time and a little more inconvenience. Lodging out of town, making appointments and a considerable portion of energy to grub. That is either in old paper or, which is exhausting in the same degree, on microfilm. That is the price tag for exploring a next and each following generation. There's no question, it's exhausting. So, fun and challenge are not in a perfect proportion for some of you anymore. What to do now?



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Let's Do an Arithmetic Problem Together


Let's assume, your roots take you some 300 miles away to a church archive. Now check on your gas cost. Or, as a professional, calculate the real price tag, what the trip will cost you, as this trip costs oil, tires and the depreciation and so on. Plus, don't forget that your maximum time of research will be four, may be six hours in a row, to inspect these historic scriptures. Now think of the lodging cost, dining out in a restaurant and the leisure time, which you "invest" for such. Except, you are retired and it's more than fun for you. Than, it's different. Now, let's assume in addition, that you will not just find documents in one town of this region, but you might be able combine two or three targets in that region. Than you have a situation, when you might consider my advice.


It goes without saying, white gloves are a part of the equipment, if you are a professional in the matter of genealogy. Did you know, that old paper and age old paper live much longer than nowadays modern paper? That is because paper back than was a much higher quality. That is the reason, younger volumes of church records have to be copied and secured first.



Do You Have ... More Time or More Money?


Whatever. Now Mr. Hoske comes into play. Our Mister Hoske. May be soon your Mr. Hoske soon as well. Mr. Hoske travels and searches. He travels wherever you send him. He searches, whoever you want to search. More precisely, Mr. Hoske is offering this service in Germany and it's very important for him to let you know the fact, that there's a possibility that he can't always find, what is so important for you. If that happens he is absolutely sorry for you. So, we have to comfort him. Because he is only able to find, what actually is existing. However, he is really applying himself with finding, what you are looking for. He is accurate, he is on time, he is engaged – and most important, he is fair and correct with his fee. I Plus, he is not "only" working in the field, he has homework as well. Because he is editing, what he found. Clearly arranged. Understandable. In writing. And he is doing that to perfection. Back to his work "in the filed". He documents, what he finds. If you like it, he takes photos of his finds, perfectly sharp photos. Even further back regarding time and money. The calculation is relatively easy. Mr. Hoske works four times more effective than you and we do. My estimation. Subjective. Of course. My wife Renate and I are fit in reading old fonts or the so called Suetterlin, but that alone is just not the challenge. Personal writing and doodle adds, historic German words instead of nowadays wording. The wedding document of Johann Sebastian Bach alone gives you an impression, which level of challenge you face with no experience. That is where Mr. Hoske steps in with his experience and knowledge regarding old historic German font – and I mean his professional experience. If his honorarium is low, reasonable or moderate - than he is much more favorable than your personal research. However, if you add the time factor, it's an unbeatable deal. But it's only the case, if you know about this constellation. Plus you know him. Now you know the advantage of hiring Mr. Hoske. Just visit and check on his fees. And I am looking forward to your joyful facial expression, which I will probably never experience. This guy is worth the money. And aside of this, maybe you hurry up. Because if my website will deliver the success I wish and hope so much for, it's November 2012 today, our Mr. Hoske will be very occupied with researching for our American friends. Because for them, one gigantic detail adds to the addition and makes the whole unbeatable beneficial. That is because in this case you have to add the tickets for the round trip. I hope that I manage to target many folks with help in the matter of this grate passion. And I hope that for Mr. Hoske too.



Is Bach Advertising for Mr. Hoske Here?


You bet. That is what we do. Because we are convinced. Because Mr. Hoske is doing an outstanding job. Plus, without his help we wouldn't have found our roots. Christian Hoske is, like Renate an I, a "lone fighter". No agency, no "real" company, but a human. You can talk to him on the phone, or you may send him a mail and get a personal answer. That is possible right here and now: he just is the perfect person for your research. Do your own research until it's getting a challenge – and then – you meanwhile know how to manage the cumming rapids. Do we get a commission from him? Certainly not.



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