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Who Are "The Thomaner(s)"?


The Thomaner(s) are perfectly worded "Der Thomanerchor", which is in English "The Thomaner Choir" in Leipzig. The Thomaner Choir is one of the most famous boys choirs in the world and one of the oldest too. The Thomaner Choir is existing for more than eight hundred years. The most famous Thomas Cantor, which was the head of the Thomaner Choir at the same time, was by far Johann Sebastian Bach. He was in this position for almost twenty-seven years, until he died in 1750 in Leipzig. Today Christoph Biller is officially sixteenth Thomas Cantor after Johann Sebastian Bach, who conducts the choir. This choir was founded around the year 1212. Many well-known musicians and composers have headed the choir since its inception, for instance the son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.




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