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Did Bach Once Throw His Peruke After Someone?


Yes, it is said that Johann Sebastian Bach had thrown his peruke after one of his students.


However, you have to imagine what an extraordinary genius like Bach was, and he had to deal with students, which couldn't even sing one single tone correctly. That is what Bach wrote in a letter, and it's preserved. If then disinterest for education adds in, disturbing for purpose like back then in Arnstadt, when choir student Geyersbach did, then you get an imagination, that even the calmest person on earth, the nicest teacher or the nicest person might explode on average all ten years. Or so.


If genius and disinterest are so far located from each other, you may not forget as well, what actually Bach threw. It was a peruke. Not a conductor's baton, not an instrument, a shoe or a cellular phone - nope, it was a relatively unable to fly peruke. For me actually this "temper" points to a relatively relaxed coolness of an expert. And doesn't show a hot-tempered contemporary. We can well imagine that Bach knew that a peruke was not the perfect missile, so we can exclude the goal to hurt his target in the very beginning. For me, it's actually just a nice story, which adds, because we know so little about the person of Bach, to the statement, he was a hot-tempered person.




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