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To understand this comparison, it is important to know that the English translation of Bach is a brook, a tiny river, a creek.



Ludwig van Beethoven



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Ludwig van Beethoven lived from 1770 until March 1827. He is born 20 years after the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. Beethoven was a German composer. He is considered the composer, who brought the music of the Viennese Classicism to its highest perfection. Plus he smoothed the way to the era of the Romance. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, and he died in Vienna, Austria.



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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German poet. He is born one year prior to Bach's death, which is 1749. He died 1832 in an age of 83 years. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany and hie died in Weimar. Goethe was a scientist and publicist too. He was engaged in several natural scientific sections. Plus, he hold political functions and worked in the administration.

Poems, dramas, narrative works, autobiographic works and more scripts as well as a considerable correspondence with Schiller are part of the great writing skills. With his novel "The sorrows of young Werther" he became famous all over Europe. Today Wolfgang von Goethe is the most considerable German poet. His work is considered one of the most famous in the world literature.



© Photo/Source/License: By Manfred Werner - Tsui (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Klaus Maria Brandauer


... in an interview of the German magazine FOCUS, an answer to the question, which musical preferences he fosters.



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Klaus Maria Brandauer is an Austrian actor who is born in 143. He is one of only few Austrian actors, who succeeded in the United States, in Hollywood too. Since 1972 Brandauer is member of the ensemble at the Vienna Burgtheater. He teaches as a professor in Vienna, at the Max-Reinhardt-seminar. 1981 Brandauer became well-known internationally and that is to say as Hendrik Hoefen in Klaus Mann's "Mephisto". 1983 Brandauer played the role as the opponent of James Bond in the thriller "Never say never". Sean Connery was the 007 agent back then. Brandauer received the Golden Globe and was a nominee for the Oscar. Today Brandauer lives in Vienna, in Berlin, in New York and in Altaussee in the Austrian Styria.



© Photo/Source/License: By Sjakkelien Vollebregt / Anefo (Nationaal Archief) [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl], via Wikimedia Commons


Maurico Kagel


Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Mauricio Raúl Kagel was an Argentina-German composer and conductor, librettist and director. Instrumental music, music theater, audio play, films – that was his life: a broad spectrum and a great work a decorating him. Kagel was born int he year 1931 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he travelled to Germany for the first time in 1957. Kagel received numerous honorations, awards and appreciations. Since 2011 there is the Mauricio Kagel Music Price of the Nordhrein-Westfalia Art Foundation to honor him. Kagel died in 2008 in Cologne.



© Photo/Source/License: by Arturo Espinosa [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Emil Cioran



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Emil Cioran was born nowadays Romania in the year 1911, and he died in 1995 in Paris. He was one of the most considerable aphorists of the 20th century. He was a poem philosopher, he titled himself a "private meditor" and he was a master sylist both in the Romanian and in the French language. He was one of the most considerable essayists too plus, he was a radical cultural critic.


By Rob C. Croes (ANEFO) (GaHetNa (Nationaal Archief NL)) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Sir Isaiah Berlin



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Sir Isaiah Berlin was a political philosopher. He was born in Riga, and he was impressed by February revolution and the October Revolution in Russia. He was convinced opponent of violence, and he was convinced of the barbarity of the Russian system. A broad public became aware of him, when Sir Winston Churchill confused him with Irving Berlin, who composed the world-famous song "White Christmas". A complete dinner Churchill thought he was talking to a composer – according to this the British head of state was amazed by the opinions of Isaiah Berlin.




King Frederick the Great



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Frederick II. is called casually "The Old Fritz". He started to be King in Prussia from 1740 and from 1742 he was King of Prussia as well. Plus, he was Elector of Brandenburg as well. He originated from the royal house of Hohenzollern. He led Prussia in a war of three years to a position as a fifth super power. This war was called the seven-year war and earlier the super powers in Europe have been France, Great Britain, Austria and Russia. He lived in the time of Johann Sebastian Bach, he was born in 1712, that is when Bach was already a solid man. as late as many years later Fredrick invited Bach to Potsdam, where Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel was on duty for the king and made music at his court. King Frederick II. of Prussia died, in the back then considerable age of 74 years, in 1786. In Potsdam, where else?




Richard Wagner



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Richard Wagner is one of the sons of the music metropolis of Leipzig, where he was born in 1813. He died in an age of 70 years in Venice, Italia. Wagner was a German composer, dramatist, poet and writer. Plus, he was a theater director and a conductor. He was the first composer, who brought festivals into being, and he planned the festival house in Bayreuth, Germany. Already as a young man Wagner was convinced to be a genious. He saw himself as a future "dominator of the musical world". Wagner, who conducted by heart, underlined his emotional leadership by gesture and facial expression, what was uncommon for heads of orchestras and choirs until this time.



© Photo/Source/License: [1] (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Pope Benedikt XVI



Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


The German pope. Back then the head of Roman Catholic Church. Elected in "just" 25 hours. And four passages. He was the 265th pope. He was born in 1927. In Bavaria, Germany. More precisely in Marktl, that is sort of precisely between Munich and Linz, Austria. Joseph Ratzinger was his name before he became pope. His father was a so called gendarmeriemaster, a police officer. World-famous as well: a Volkswagen Golf, the former car of the pope, was auctioned on ebay in 2005. Starting price was € 9,999. And shortly after that it climbed to a proud hight of € 189,000. This is background regarding one of the most considerable personalities on earth? That is what you only learn on a website like mine!



© PhotoCredit: Universal/Dieter Eickelpoth; with cordial permit of Dieter Falk

Dieter Falk

Who paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Dieter Falk as same age as I am. By the rule of the thumb. In a relation of 330 years of Bach history. He is German. Musician. Music producer. More precisely: Dieter Falk is born 1959. He is prize winner (Impala-Award) and he is the "piano player of the year 2012". Plus he was keyboarder of the year" for several years. Since 1990 he is producer of the German band Pur, and he is owner of an own label: Stereo Wonderland. Falk became even more well-known as a jury member of the format "Popstars". Together with his both sons Dieter Falk published a CD with works of Bach too.



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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Or, if Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is too easy for you to remember: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He loved to call himself Amadé and he was a wonder child. He was a composer of the Viennese Classicism and was born precisely on January 27th in the year 1756 in Salzburg, austria. That is six years after Johann Sebastian Bach has died. He died in 1791 in Vienna, Austria, hwich means he only lived for 35 years. Did you know that? His work is large and he is famous all over the world. Like the work of Bach his creaton actually belongs to the most considerable when it comes to classic music. He made his first appearance in an age of six years and he got his first education by his father in the age of four years. Plus, he wrote down his first work for his father "by Wolfgangerl".




Robert Schumann




Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Robert Schumann was a German composer and pianist. He was born in 1810 in Zwickau, Saxony, Germany and died in Bonn, Germany already at an age of 56 years. Robert Schumann marreid Clara Scumann, née Wieck in 1840, and that was against the will of his His way too leads via Leipzig and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy plays a role in his life. Mendelssohn Bartholdy levels his path to the conservatorium in the captial of Saxony. And right "down my allee" was his mental attitude: "Weak is what I neither want to be nor am I allowed to be. If a human just wants – he can accomplish everything. That is a quote out of one of his diaries respectively letters which he wrote in his youth. A typist's neuritis terminated Schuman's career as a pianist.




Johann Nikolaus Forkel



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Forkel was one of the "Big Five": the great five biographers of Bach in more than 300 years.Johann Nicolaus Forkelwas a German organist and a muisic scientist. For many he is one of the founders of the historic music science. For all Bach enthusiasts he is of great importance, because he was wrote the first and still today considerbale biography about Johann Sebastian Bach, but particuarly for the reason, that this biographie, contrary to all following biographies, is based on the personal notes by Bach's sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann. However this biographie was published as late as 1802, which is two generatons or 52 years after Johann Sebastian Bach's death in 1750. Forkel was born in 1749 close to Coburg, Germany and died in 1818 in Goettingen, Germany as well.




Italo Svevo



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Italo Svevo was an Italian writer and he si considered an outstanding author of novels in the 20th century. He was born in 1881 in Trieste, Italy and he died close to Treviso, Italy in 1928. In Italy Scevo is considered one of the greatest writers, in Germany it needed a long time, until Svevo moved mainstream.



© Photo: G. Henle Verlag, Use with friendly permission of the publisher company


Walter Gieseking



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Walter Gieseking is born 1895 in Lyon, France and died 1956 in London, United Kingdom. He grew up in ITaly and what is not obvious: he was a German pianist. That is because in 1911 his parents moved to Hannover, Germany. In the age of 16 he got his first piano lessons and he became a pianist. He is buried on the North Cemetery in Wiesbaden, Germany. Mozart, Debussy and Ravel were his favorite composers and a very sspecial technique to play the piano provide a meaning to his name for connoisseurs. Gieseking is considered as one of the real great pianits of the 20th century.



© Photo/Source/License: By Levg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Murray Perahia



Who Paid tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Murray Perahia is born 1947 in New York and lives, together with his wife and two sons in London today. He is  a pianist and a conductor. Already in the age of four years he learned to play the piano. He was a friend with Vladimir Horowitz and was the first North American to win a piano contest in Leeds, United Kingdom in 1972. Plus, his merits for classic music were honored by the British Queen Elisabeth personally: she appointed him "Knight Commander of the British Empire".



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Max Reger



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


An ultra short biography coming with the quote respectively tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach. And again we talk about the music city of Leipzig: there Max Reger died. That was in 1916. He became only 43 years old, and that means he was born in 1873.  He was born in Brand, which is Bavaria. Reger grew up in Weiden, Bavaria. He was a German composer and organist, a pianist and a conductor. He became famous in particular bceaus eof his compositions for the organ, so he knows hwat he was talking about, when he wrote down his tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach. And he wrote this tribute together with the notes B-A-C-H, hwat means for Bach fans, that this is the only tribute respectively quote which still exists in writing. Bach was Reger's role model and like Johann Sebastian, Regeer created famous choral phantasies. Reger left many works, however they are not that numerous like those of Johann Sebastian Bach.




Johannes Brahms



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Johannes Brahms was one of the really great personalities. He was a German composer and pianist and he was a conductor. His compositions are mainly related to the romantic and at the same time he enclosed classic in his works. He is one of the most considerable European composers. He is born 1833 in Hamburg, Germany and he died 1897 in Vienna, austria. Brahms as well is member of a damily of musicians. There was a close relation between Brahms and the couple Robert and Clara Schumann. Still today Brahms is called the "true successor of Ldwig van Beethoven". Brahms himself was sceptical with this "title". In connection with the musicians conflict between him and Liszt and Wagner ther was an open disput. Today Brahms is burried in a grave of honor on the Central Cimitery in Vienna, Austria.



© Photo/Source/License: By Levg (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons


Jewgeni Kissin



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


For sure, he is the youngest in this section of the webiste, who among al the prominent personalties made a tribute to Bach (...please realize that some of those in that tribute respectively quote section would be over 200 years old today). Kissin is born 1971. He was born in Moscow, Russia. And the Kissins are a family of musicians too, his mother is a piano teacher. In the age of two years and two months he already started to play the piano. Again: in the age of two years! First appearance as a solist in an orchestra: in the gentle age of ten years. In the age of eleven years he gave his first solo concert. He is honorary doctor and he received the Herbert-von-Karajan-Music-Award, the Grammy and the Echo. Experts consider him one of the considerable pianists in his generation.




Johann Friedrich Daube




Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Daube is born around 1730 in Hesse, probably in the Area of Bad Hersfeld or Marburg and he died 1797 in Vienna, Austria. He was a German composer and a music theorist.. laready in his youth he worekd at the court of Frederick II in Berlin and there he a had a steady contact to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. In 1744 he was appointedd to Stuttgart, Germany, 1770 to Augsburg, Bavaria and later to Vienna. His scripts are considered less respected, for some experts however they are of high value.




Jakob Adlung




Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Jakob Adlung is born in Bindersleben near Erfurt and that was in 1699. He died in 1762 only a few miles away, in the nearby town of Erfurt.. adlung was an organist, composer, music writerand as well an instrument builder. He built pioanos along the way.



© Photo/Source/License: Nvpswitzerland [CC-BY-SA-3.0 oder GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons


Helmut Schmidt


... answering the question, what kind of activity he loved most in life.



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


German Chancellor Helmuth Schmidt. More precisely, the fifth chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, a long time before the reunion. He was born in Hamburg, Germany in the year 1918 and he was one of the really great politicians of the school. Many remember him in connection with the strom surge 1962. Schmidt has a very sepcial relationship to music. When he was Secretary of defense he drove the foundation of the Big Band of the German Bundeswehr. He plays the organ and the piano, he is Johann Sebastian Bach Fan and he is composing on his own. He recorded records, on which he plays Bach and Mozart alone and with other musicians. He recieved many tributes, appreciations, citizenships of honor and awards and. However, he refused the he Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republik of Germany. according to hanseatic tradition.




Hans-Ruedi Schuetz



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Hans-Ruedi Schuetz was a Swiss organist and music scientist and lived from 1952 until 2011. This is what we can squeeze out of the worldwide internet, not more. But the person, who gives us access to a nice picture of Ruedi Schuetz first, that we are permitted to publish here plus some biographic background, has not only deserved a little Bach prize, but in particular our appreciation.




Franz Liszt



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Franz list is born in the back than Kronland of the Empire Austria, in October of the year 1811. He died in Bayreuth, Germany. 1886. He was a Austria-German composer, a pianist, a coinductor, a theater teacher and a wrtiter as well. He was one of the most productive musicians of the 19th century, he expressesd himself in many styles and categories. In the age of 54 List received the "lower consecrations" in Rome and got the title "Abeèe". Liszt was considered wa wonder child too, he himself instructed himself writing of notes as a seven year old. He lived in the Bach city of Weimar for several years and he is burried in the town of Bareuth, Bavaria. He provided hundreds of woirks to mankind, alone the number is considered resepctable but until today there is no such thing like a complete edition.




Friedrich II; Landgrafe of Hesse-Kassel



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


He has admiered him much: Johann Sebastian Bach. Frederick II, not confuse with the King of Prussia, is born in 1720, so he was 30 years old, when Bach died. Frederick II died in 1785. What remains in rememberance is, that he was the only sovereign of Hesse-Kassel, who covterted to the Catholizism after the reformation. Plus, because he leased soldiers, who fought in the American War of Independence. And that triggered a lot of criticism.




Claude Debussy



Who payed tribute to Bach? A Mini Biography


Claude Debussy was a French composer. His music is to be ranked between the Romaticism and the Modernity. Debussy is born 1862 in Saint-Germaun-en-Laye and he died 1918 in Paris. Music didn't play a role in his parents' home, but his father seemed to like operettas and it is said, he took his son with him to several performances. One speciality: Claude Debussy never visited a school. However he studied music for 13 years. First Debussy played the piano. He even achieved brillantly in competitions. However after critics of the jury he finally turned towards composition. So he received the "Prix de Rome", the highest tribute back then, which a French composer could accomplish.

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