Top 10 Websites Regarding the Life of Johann Sebastian Bach

On this page I present the eighteen most exciting homepages on Bach. Because it is eighteen, the page is called Top 10. This is the case with me. This selection is very strange. For it is, of course, subjectively compiled. I think it is the best homepages on the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach. I also find it is the most important. I think you should go there. As a Bach fan. Only: I am only a human being. And I mean just that you want to know these homepages (... this is a German!). We always ask ourselves how a particular book stays so long in place. Or why a kinotitel makes it so far up. With my top 10 of the Johann Sebastian Bach homepages, you do not have to ask: it is simply my choice. And my taste might be quite different from yours.


Website 1 About Johann Sebastian Bach


Originally I planned to create this website a Johann Sebastian Bach just for children. But it turned out, seems to be great for grown-ups as well. For parents and grandparents, for uncles and aunts, for teachers and for legal parents.


The youngest of all Bach websites in the world probably is the "Johann Sebastian Bach for Children" portal, which is offered in German only. Currently. But an English version will follow. Definitely. Star on the webiste is a book for children. "Bach for Children" is a real "Bach On Bach" website, matching the others in both design and wrtiting and illustrations. So even if its in German, it's worth a visit. Just click here.



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Website 2 About Johann Sebastian Bach: It's Volker's Klassikseiten (... in German)


Always it must be something special on my portal. And this is particularly the case if something exciting comes out of it for you. Here is the block to the topic Bach. If you are so enthusiastic about Bach that you have arrived here in the meantime, you might be interested in new, up-to-date and entertaining "portions" of Bach in general. And it would also, and also conceivably, be that you do not know at all that there is such a thing as Volker's classic pages at all. That's why the idea of ​​his blog is something special here, unlike any other homepages. I would like to suggest this to you. Do not know what a blog is? Well, then this is already two reasons, now and exactly click here.



From the side to international Bach concerts over Bachfeste and a Cantatafinder the offer on Volker's classical pages reaches over many more topics. This is the quality that is constantly on your side for you. Particularly exciting, however, are the typical blog posts. These are very up-to-date references, discoveries and exciting topics. This is about "Bach on the radio and television" to find new, cool videos, which one would otherwise not find in the net. And together, Volker's classic pages are an exciting mix of many around the Starkomponisten, orchestrated and cultivated by a master of matter.



Website 3 About Johann Sebastian Bach:

Homepage of the Bachhaus Eisenach



Website 4 About Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantatas By Ariyeh Oron in Israel



Website 5 About Johann Sebastian Bach: by Dr. Peter Bach – however – that's not me ... and in German Only!



Website 6 About Johann Sebastian Bach



Website 7 About Johann Sebastian Bach:

The J.S. Bach Homepage



Website 8 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Not Yet Existing Bachhaus Weimar



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Website 9 About Johann Sebastian Bach:

The Bach City of Ohrdruf, Thuringia



Website 10 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Bach City of Koethen



Website 11 About Johann Sebastian Bach: Bach's "Lebensreise", Made in Arnstadt


Website 12 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Bach-Archiv in Leipzig



Website 13 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Neue Bachgesellschaft NBG



Website 14 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Huge Bach Bibliography by Bach Lover Professor Yo Tomita



Website 15 About Johann Sebastian Bach: The Bach Place of Wechmar



Website 16 About Johann Sebastian Bach: A Real Likeable Private Bach Site



Website 17: The Breathtaking Collection of More than 4,500 Organs – Just a Wow!



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