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Did the Bachs Come from the City of Pressburg?


No, the Bachs didn't come from Pressburg. Veit Bach didn't come from Pressburg, Hungary. And why is that so? Because enough highly qualified genealogists and scientists were looking for a proof of this thesis ... and didn't find one. Did the Bachs come from Hungary? Yes and no. What makes us believe it is true? As it's the statement of Johann Sebastian Bach himself, who wrote in the "Ursprung" that Veit had to flee from Hungary for his religion.


However, it's unclear, whether the Bachs as a family just spend some time in Hungary. That might be years or even decades. Those who are interested in this detail will soon be able to read about it until he or she ist really tired, as this is the speciality inside our Bach Project. No question, everybody who is interested, will find the most competent aggregation of Bach Genealogy and the origin of Veit ever on this webiste. Plus, research discoveries, which haven't been found before.


From Pressburg anyway? There once lived a certain Mr. Korabinsky, a resident in the city of Pressburg, nowadays Bratislava. He created sort of a resident book of the city of Pressburg. Beyond that he wrote just two more inconsiderable books. He stated, that there were several people living in Pressburg with the name of Bach. However, with different first names. And one or two of those even were bakers. But actually that didn't prove nothing: there were no records, no paperwork, not even first names that matched. Johann Sebastian Bach mentioned in his catalog "Ursprung", that Veit was a baker. That lead to the really wrong conclusion, that he had found the home of Veit in Hungary, before he moved to Thuringia. That is to say, you find somebody whose last name is Bach, than you find out his job is baker. However, his first name isn't Veit. But, actually, who cares about that tiny detail.


Nobody, not a single biographer, famous or unknown, could ever proof this. No document has ever been found, that proved that argument, as it is actually no thesis. It's just the idea of one single person in history. However, the theories, that claim the opposite, which is Pressburg plays no role at all, are reproducible. To explain this in the FAQ chapter would take us not too far, but way too far. If you would like to learn more, just click here, but this section isn't ready yet.




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