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How Many Paintings Are There Showing Joh. Seb. Bach?


Many. Many more, than you think in the very first moment. Did you know, that there are actually three originals of the most famous painting of Haussmann alone?


Let's just ask the question a little different, so we can actually answer it, as on the left, here on this page, is a painting of Bach too. Yes, I mean the blue one, painted by a Bach family member, Briana Bach-Hertzog. However, you didn't mean such a painting, did you?


How many paintings and drawings, engravings, erasures and scribbles of more or less prominent artists, still living and of those which are not around any more are there? Now, we got that question clear.


First of all there are surely the most prominent paintings of Haussmann, Ihle, and Rentsch. These are the paintings of Bach, which you know from books, both on the outside and on pages inside. Plus, there are many more historic works, which show the Thomas Cantor, than it's known generally. The exciting thing: just one of those shows the master, like he really looked, which is the one of Haussmann. All other pictures are painted sort of somehow with much, much phantasy.


Dr. Joerg Hansen, director of the Bachhouse, the Bachhaus in Eisenach is the beyond controversy connoisseur, if it's about Bach pictures and Bach paintings. In the Bachhouse and in the next door Bach Museum you will not find just a few. There are many to explore. It's for sure there's the largest collection of authentic historic and contemporary Bach portraits all over the world. In the oncoming weeks I will ask Dr. Hansen, how many Bach pictures are displayed there.




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