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Did Johann Sebastian Bach Have Children? How Many Children?


It is about children of Ambrosius' father. Plus children of Johann Sebastian Bach. And about children in the Bachhaus today. First a hint in a personal matter: Did you know, I created a website in particular for children? It's "Johann-Sebastian-Bach-for children". Click here.


Johann Sebastian Bach had twenty children with his two wives. Four of seven children survived from his first marriage with Maria Barbara. Three died, that is two died at their birth already, one in the age of one year old.


The proportion was close, when it came to the surviving children with the second wife of Johann Sebastian Bach, Anna Magdalena. Both had, in addition to Bach's four children from the first marriage, thirteen more common children. Six of them became adults, two died on the date of birth and four died in the age between one and four years.


When 1742 Regina Susanne was born as the last child of Johann Sebastian Bach and Anna Magdalena in Leipzig, the oldest child, Catharina Dorothea, was already thirty-four years old.


The children of Johann Sebastian Bach, who became adults, died in the age of 66, 74, 39, 55, 55, 63 and 47 years. One exception was son Johann Gottfried Bernhard, who caused a lot of headache for his father: he already died at the age of twenty-four years.




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