Bach Cities and Bach Places: Ohrdruf, Thuringia, Germany

1  Why Is Ohrdruf One of the Bach Cities?

In Ohrdruf still very young Johann Sebastian Bach spent a big chunk of his childhood. With nine years of age he lost his mother in Eisenach and when he was almost ten years old, he then lost his uncle first, and for that reason short after that his father died too.


In Ohrdruf, it is a distance to walk of some seven to eight hours from Eisenach, the oldest brother of Johann Sebastian Bach was living. He was organist there and he was earning money to feed his own young family. But his littlest brother's arriving with his older brother were very welcome. That was shortly after the death of both brother's dad. Johann Sebastian attended school and he was obviously a very good student. However, that is what experts didn't surprise, as young Johann Sebastian didn't spoil a single hour, to make music at festivals and celebrations with their father Johann Ambrosius any more to support the family income in Eisenach.


He visited the Lyceum at Ohrdruf, and he probably met his important and long year friend Georg Erdmann there. From 1695 until 1700 he was attending school, he got his next musical education, and finally he decided, to continue learning at Lüneburg in the north of Germany. In March 1700 George Erdmann and Johann Sebastian started their trip. On foot.



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2  Music by Bach + Pics from Ohrdruf

No narration, just music and pics: Ohrdruf, a Bach city.



3   The Bach City of Ohrdruf on 6 Pictures

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4   Info About the Bach City of Ohrdruf

This is important. They ask for your help. At Ohrdruf. Because a big fire has destroyed the Palace Friedenstein in 2013. Please read more about this. Just click. Or watch pics of the fire. A catastrophe for this Bach city.


The facts regarding Ohrdruf in brief: Ohrdruf sits in the County of Gotha and some 5,500 residents are living there. Ohrdruf is located on the little creek of Ohra. The marketplace is worth a visit, and of course you may discover this small town on foot. Special is the remaining tower of the St. Michaelis Church, after the nave had been destroyed in World War II. Right next to this tower you will find the first of two Bach monuments. The younger second one, which reminds, beside of Johann Sebastian Bach, of the whole Ohrdruf tribe of the family of musicians, is located in a public park in the center of the town. The website of Ohrdruf is exciting.



5   A Short Video: The Bach City of Ohrdruf

Film, pics, music and narration: Ohrdruf presented in a likeable cute video. Ohrdruf is clearly a category A Bach city. However, this Bach city is not that well-known, like the five Bach cities in which Bach worked either as an employee or as a bondman for a duke or sovereign.



6   Where Exactly Is this Bach City Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Ohrdruf is a category A Bach city.



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