Bach FAQ 67


Are There Famous Bach Critics As Well?


The problem with the critics is the term of "famous" and so all the members of the city council of Leipzig back then are skipped here. What a pleasure tell you this.


However, there was one famous person, whose verdict can be taken as a criticism compared to the tributes of the other very famous folks. That is the statement of Mr. Pyotr Ilyitch Tchaikowsky, who said about Bach's work: "I surely can say, that I like to perform Bach, because the performance of a good fugue is entertaining, but I do not realize a great genius in him."


At least, Johann Sebastian Bach came along sort of okay with this verdict, compared to Gounod, where Tchaikowsky found everything ... "poor" and Liszt, whose compositions "... left him cold". About the works of Verdi he finally stated, they were "... vulgar hand organ melodies".


So – actually Johann Sebastian Bach came out very lucky.




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