My 1.089 Bach Music Videos: You Won't Find that Many Bach Videos in One Style Anywhere Else!


Three such Bach music videos are available here and now. All other 1.086 like to mix them themselves. How does it work? Click here. Then choose one of Bach's works – you do not even need to know how it sounds or what it is – and then look for a picture theme. 33 works of music Bachs + 33 music songs from me, that are together exactly the 1,089 Bach music videos.


Bach, US National Parks, a Festival of Lights and Exciting Stuff in Venice, Italy


You decide, whether the music matches the breathtaking photos. You are the director. Okay, this is an example as I decided for the music and I decided for the photo content.




Gerhard Kaune, husband of my sister Petra-Ines, has photographed the dreamlike pictures for our mission in Berlin. Thank you so very much, dear Gerhard.



Bach and Milan ... how does that match? Actually it is not that important, whether the name or the person fit with Milan. You decide, whether you also would have chosen this work of Bach, if you would have to accompany the work with music. By the way: Did you know, that one of Bach's sons was even more famous during his time, than his dad was at his time?! It was the Milan Bach, who later was - at the same time - the London Bach.


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