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It's not that easy to find historical pints related to the theme "Music of Johann Sebastian Bach", to add decorative illustrations matching the theme of that page.


Johann Sebastian Bach is considered a musical genius and for some of us his work seems to be inspired by God himself. Many love his music. Musicians all over the world are adoring him. An than there are music scientists. They analyze Bach's works, they arrange them, they interpret them, they examine them, they list them and they give their best – and they often have a whole different opinion. They are publishing their opinions in books, dissertations, professional dissertations and newspapers or in magazines. Often the amuse others. I stay out of such a thing.


Related to the theme "Bach and Music": when you hold such a "jewel" in your hands, you do already know where in a decorative frame there will find a befitting place on a wall. However, before you hang it, I take a perfect photo and here it isso you can take advantage of it, too.



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And that goes without saying with the selection of my recommendations. These are by far not the most beautiful works of Bach. And of course they are not "the best". But may be - they are! These pieces are some ten works which we like best. And another ten, which you meet in the literature about Bach. And of course I don not only talk of books but of the internet as well. And thirdly we checked direct links exploring Google and Youtube. The most watched on both platforms definitely were important. That all the categories overlap, is no surprise.


As a project for Bach starters this website was originally created. But as well with so many pages a portal for Bach fans as well. And starting in the spring of 2014 it will be an offer for Bach specialists as well – for the best of the best so to speak, regarding the theme of Bach. But: it still needs some time.


So now we are starting all over: with our offer for you, to make the first acquaintance with the genius. 1,120 works. That is what he created. In some 55 years. Rule of the thumb estimate. Or actually better: ten percent of the work, that has survived. What we can enjoy today out of  some 11,000 works back then. How do we approach such a work?


The postcard dates some 100 years back. For somebody who collects everything historic, which is related to Johann Sebastian Bach, this means much pleasure.


To look for a Bach Top 10? Or, to buy a "Best of Bach CD"? To start listen through all titles, beginning with A south? Or just to begin with the first CD of his complete works? I, actually was perplexed – because not everything is what everybody likes the same grade. And you loose your overview. As tastes are so much different too.


That lead to what you experience here and today. The whole website, the project and just this page. And for that real challenge, to approach Bach und these themes around him for the first time, I have decided to level the way to Bach for you a little. Until you lateron go aheaad much deeper into the matter.


For those who adore Bach already and love his music, the combination with the many themes is the exciting thing on this website.



My Three Proposals Regarding the Music of Johann Sebastian Bach


Firstly there is my "fun section". There you will find 3 hit lists. Each of them is exciting in its way. The first leads you to my favorite works. The selection is as personal as can possibly be. It's no coincident this selection is the choice of many more Bach lovers. And so we certainly join a gigantic group of fans. The speciality coming with my offer: What are your eyes doing, while your ears are listening? Four options: they are closed, you are bothered, you are bored, you are excited.


What cute title for a cantata of Johann Sebastian Bach. Although it's almost impossible to translate that into English, I try hard. "Easy Minded Jitterghosts" andf if that doesn't make any sense to you - the German doesn't make either.



1     You Combine It – You Make It Fit!


Ihave combined exactly thirty-three themes with beautiful, partially even breathtaking photos for you. Many, many different versions are possible. Exactly there are 1,089 so called Bach music videos. It is that simple: which music work do you want to listen to? Decide for yourself and click on one of the music pieces in the red navigation band in the middle of this webiste, after you changed to the "Bach Top 33 " with a click here. Now, if you decided for one music work, there is just this one piece of music on the following page. However, there are thirty-three options to "illustrate" this music piece with picture themes. This way you can mix the "Coffee Cantata" with images of coffee motives, "Air" with breathtaking landscape photos of the National Parks of the United States of America or one of the "French Suites" with impressing pictures of the dreamlike Paris cemetery Père Lachaise. Plus: these Bach music videos are not the same videos like the ones about the Bach cities and Bach places in the Bach videos section. In the Bach music videos there will be additional beautiful photos, which you otherwise can only find in the "Photo and Picture" section.


The whole thing you best watch in full screen size, as all these motives are high resolution – and for that reason it is a treat for your ears and eyes. If, and only if your internet connection is fast enough for such.




2     What Actually Is What?


Cantata, fugue, choral – you know what is what already? Then skip this chapter and please cavort elsewhere on my website. For all others and in particular those who are new in the theme here you will find the trial of an overview. Based on the Bach's works. That is possible more detailed, better and different. Here it matches to the style of the website. And experts and Bach connoisseurs are invited cordially to show me one or another stumble, however again – in the style of this website. As there is always a way to explain something more complicated. For such already here and today my thanks to you in advance.



3     The Bach Werke Verzeichnis (BWV)


This page on your "Bach on Bach" website actually can only be a link for real Bach enthusiasts and Bach connoisseurs. But via this portal you just get to that place directly and without big search to my reccomendation. And this is based, aside of the offered knowledge and the background, to lead you to another Bach excitement.



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