“Veit Bach 2022” Is the Name of This Page on the Final Result of a 75-Year Search for the True Origin of Veit Bach ...


It is indeed once again a phenomenal turn after the discovery of the real true origin of the Bache from the southeast below Thuringia.


"From the southeast below Thuringia" ... please, what kind of definition is that?! Well, if you are "only" hobby researcher, then you may use such a nebulous term quite without uneasy feeling in a scientific investigation. You can also describe it as "right down from Thuringia". Just like that. And it was exactly that for about 700 biographers and 25 Bach genealogists, what caused this stomach ache. This "sound-like proximity" between "Ungern" and "Ungarn", which is Hungary. This mix in the literature, in fact as you can read about especially in the first chapter about Veit Bach on my website. This unclearness when reading the copy of the "origin", because the handwritten original of Johann Sebastian Bach does not exist anymore. The unclearness in the deciphering of the two words in the origin, in fact the eighth and the eighteenth. Whereby to this hobby graphology rather leads astray, than the mastery of this art. Because for each normal mortal in things "old handwritings" a quite clear " a " is to be recognized in one of the crucial two words. But not for those who know. Because a today's " a " and a today's " e " look just differently than 1735 ... or just better than 1750.


On this page it is once again not so quick. It, this page, is written also explicitly for those of my readers who have already read through the first pages (2011, 2015 and 2021) with much leisure and time and quite relaxed. For those in a hurry, the slim "Veit Bach Genealogy" is set here. But attention, then, after this reading, the whole offer "in book size" is no longer the same fun!


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