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The Bach Miniature Biography and an Even Smaller Bach Minature Biography in a Leather Cover


The miniature biography number 1 is cool, the miniature biography number 2 about Bach is even cooler. However, both mini-biographies are rare to find. That leads us to the answer: Sure there are such books if you found your way to this page via Google. I guess, by the way, that the even smaller biography no. 2 is around less often by a factor of 20, compared to the one with the cardboard slipcase.


By the way, because you can purchase these two mini-biographies at "Bach 4 You" – not for reading but for a nice decoration or even better as a gift – this page is completely in blue font, the hints are at the beginning and the end of this page and that all indicate that this page is? Advertisement, commercial, promotion!


Miniature biography, slipcase, Euro and US-Quarter: It's really not big, this tiny book rarity.

However: This Bach miniature biography is a real "grownup" book anyway.

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Actually One of the Cutest Two Little Bach Biographies: almost Antique!

Same miniature biography, but different view: a real back of a book.

And yes, actually: you could really read it, but because of the tinyness of the font certainly is not so much fun. It is an extract from the biography of the first important Bach biographer, Johann Nicolaus Forkel, who was largely informed by the Bach sons. So it's almost first hand.


It was published back then in the East of the Republic when the east was still the GDR (DDR). Various other composers were also honored in this form, but this publisher company is no longer present today. 1983 was the year of appearance and for that reason the small jewels are officially not yet antiques, but with over 30 years of age already a long time "among us". They were published in Leipzig on the occasion of the Bach's tribute to the composer's big birthday, who created, played and taught music in Leipzig for almost 28 years.


Even smaller, thinner and much, much precious: the smaller of both Bach miniature biographies.

It's really noble, isn't it? A cute thing. With a miniature potter's clay plaque. In the noble leather cover. A small catch: in the shop "Bach 4 You" you get neither the US quarter nor the Euro with your purchase.

Isn' t that something? A – in the truest sense of the word – really tiny reading fun. That page above is no biography page of course. However ... that is what you have to find out yourself long ago.

Closed ... with leather strap and leather cover.

So tiny, so impressing: the small Bach miniature biography.


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