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What a cool coincident. I knew that this page would become the hardest to accomplish, as this "sub division of Bach knowledge" is the farthest away from what I have a clue. There Eleonor Bindman found "Bach on Bach" on the internet and contacted me. At that time I only knew she was a musician. Later she revealed, she is an author, too. A Bach author! Plus, I like the cover of the book and the idea behind the content


Because her book title is so very fitting to our Bach mission, that is to say to connect J.S. Bach with folks, who want to meet Bach in an easy way, I love to present her book here. Please read below, what her book is about.


“Stepping Stones to Bach” are intended to fill the need for easier repertoire, suitable for young piano students as well as for adult music lovers who play for enjoyment and relaxation and don’t want to spend months mastering one piece. They will also be a great supplement to Bach’s own teaching pieces (Minuets, Little Preludes and Inventions) as recital pieces. Thanks, friend Eleonor for this hint. Here's the quickest way to Eleonor Bindman's website and there is an option to purchase a copy.


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