Bach Cities and Bach Places: Weißenfels, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

1   Why Is Weißenfels a Bach City?

Five Bach places respectively Bach cities are special. Two of them for the reason, they are really important for the Bach genealogy and for the Bache as a family of musicians. However, they are not that important, that they are real Bach cities and Bach experts might state the more Bach cities we list, the more unimportant and confusing they are in the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. Which is true. On the other hand, this website is designed to clear things and that means, if there is a place on the internet, which tells Ammern is a Bach location, and Gotha is not and Weissenfels is, this Johann Sebastian Bach source wants to guide you to a correct impression. So it's not about to judge, whether one of these 33 at all and five in the category B are Bach cities and Bach places, but you decide, what's worth to need to know – or not.


Category B are five locations. Erfurt actually is a combination of both unbelievable significant as a Bach city, when it comes to check on the genealogy of that family. Plus, Johann Sebastian Bach has checked on an organ here. On the third hand (... me = Punchinello) he probably had been there to meet relatives or to join at least one family gathering in 50 years. Gotha is a category B Bach city for the same reason, but a little less in numbers: Johann Sebastian Bach performed music in Gotha and "Hans, the Spielmann" is so significant in the Bach genealogy, that I upgraded Gotha from category C. Next is Gräfenroda: Why this place is category B will remain my personal secret for the oncoming years. Finally, there is Weissenfels, actually sort of working place for Johann Sebastian back then. Plus Lübeck, which produced such a likable story inside Bach's life that it's just not a category C Bach city.



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2  Music by Bach + Pics from Weißenfels

No narration, just music and pics: Weissenfels, a beautiful Bach city.



3   The Bach City of Weissenfels on 6 Pics

Bach cities, Bach places ... great pictures. Weissenfels on additional pics? Just click here.



4   Info About the Bach City of Weißenfels

39,000 residents and an official website. Plus, Weißenfels lies on the river Saale. Back then Weißenfels was the ducal court of Saxony and some remaining glorious baroque buildings remind us of that era. Architectural highlight is without saying the palace. More precisely, the palace Neu-Augustenburg. One half is already exquisitely renovated. A long, long time ago, exactly in this palace and there at the organ, once played the seven-year-old composer Georg Friedrich Handel. He performed so brilliant, that his father decided for a musical education. Looking back today: a perfect decision. Later, Bach was Weißenfels Court Band Master, even without living there. The Heinrich Schütz House is well worth to be mentioned here. And, there is a possibility in Weissenfels to join a "Guided Palaces Bicycle Tour", it's certain this is something special. Is this all rewarding? Yes, I am sure, experience my photos or watch the music video. However, here is the pure data too, like always: at Wikipedia.



5   Where Exactly Is this Bach City Located?

33 maps, 33 Bach cities or places. Weissenfels is a category B Bach city.



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