The Angels Calendar With Angels From Wendt & Kühn, but Not Published by Wendt & Kühn

The Angels Calendar with angels from Wendt & Kühn. First things first: We want to make absolutely clear that this product is not an offer of the famous Wendt & Kühn company in the Ore Mountains in Thuringia, Eastern Germany. Of course, we asked for permission not to violate any copyright in any way. It is our honest personal conviction, that the angels from Wendt & Kühn are the cutest, most valuable and best handcrafted little figures of that kind in the Universe. That is why we decided for the valuable angels making music. Wendt & Kühn offers these most valuable angels. We needed three photo sessions, to get to the final results regarding lighting, shades and mirrors of this angels calendar. After that we let a first angels calendar print and requested the permission to publish these twelve images as a calendar. Wendt & Kühn only advised us to change the hint on the title page a bit and okayed our wish. We explicitly thank Wendt & Kühn for that here. Wendt and Kühn is also well-known for their quick, reliable and careful processing of customers' requests and buyers' orders.


The title page of the angels calendar with angels by Wendt & Kühn is "Musicians from Heaven". You get it in three sizes, 2024 + 2025. To the shop.


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The Angels Calendar with Angels from Wendt & Kühn Comes in Two Styles

The angels calendar with angels of Wendt & Kühn in two styles? How is such a thing possible? And is the publisher "Bach 4 You" the only calendar publishing house, that offers such a service? We do think so. There is first the European Style. You can not tell by a calendar title, enclosed in film, whether it's a European style calendar or a "50:50 style" calendar. What actually is a 50:50 style? Learn more here.


So, what, after you remove the foil? After removing the foil, a "50:50 style" calendar develops into a sort of tool with a 50 % part above the fold, which is the subject of the calendar and a huge grid below the fold. A European style calendar is more of a artwork, which you hang on a wall in each room of your home. Like a nice picture. A "50:50 style" calendar is what you probably hang in the kitchen or in your utility room.

We hope, it gives you the agony of choice, whether you prefer an EU style angels calendar or a US style calendar.


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