Johann Sebastian Bach


Johann Sebastian Bach in the Ulm Muenster, Germany



Johann Sebastian Bach. His life, his music, his work - stamps, books, short biography - quotes, FAQ, pictures - even a Johann Sebastian Bach cartoon film! Everything reagrding Bach: you are right here on this webiste. Johann Sebastian Bach, in France they call him Jenn Sébastien Bach, in the Spanish language area he is Juan Bach and in Albania they write Bach "Bah", so it sounds properly, when you pronounce it. However: whether it is Johann, Jean, Juan - he is, he was and he will remain one of the greatest musicians on earth.


Welcome to the cross media Project Bach On Bach. With its two subjects - not just one. Of course firstly its about the most famous family of musicians all over the planet. And its about the outstanding shing figure in the middle, the Thomas Cantor Johann Sebastian Bach. Secondly everything is about the theme of genealogy and in poarticular of course it is about the Bach genealogy, about the genealogy of this special family of musicians from Thuringia in Germany.


It Is That Easy to Find Each Theme -

Especially When You Come Back

It is frustrating surfing the internet, when you found an exciting theme on a a website, return later - and you can't find that page again. This is why there is a little system on this Johann Sebastian Bach Website.


First every theme is constructed similar: on the left there is the navigation, as almost every webiste has one. On this one there is only this upright navigation, there is no additional horizontal. With y clikc you get to the mentioned theme. And like on this page, that you read right now, you get an overview. It is sort of a manual. And even you don't get what you wanted to read, what the navigation promised, you will find - with the manual - a lott better, what precisely you were looking for.


Regarding the navigation: it is true for all chapters - which actually goes without saying, butb there is one exception - that you will finf inside the chapter whta is labelled in the navigation. Where you read stamps you will find stamps, where you read quotes, you will find quotes. and so on. But there is one exception: in the "Johann Sebastian Bach" section you will find many themes, which you don't assume there. It's practically every them wehich is not clearly defined by the navigatoion.


And here is how it works, when you come back. think about which page you want to visit  second time. If this theme is labelled in the navigation, you will get there with just one click. Don't you find, what you are looking for in the navigation, chances are very high, it's "hidden" in the "Johann Sebastianm Bach" section. If you just remember this advice, than you will have noto frustration when you retunr. Where ever you want to click to: you will be helped in the navigation to your left. Exception: you cn't read it there. Than you will find it in the chapter "Johann Sebastian Bach": for instance Bach places, Bach orchestras, the Ursprung, the letter to Georg Erdmann, the list called "Ursprung der musicalisch Bachischen Familie". And now: have a lot of fun exploring this Johann Sebastian Bach website.


The Bach Website Which Is A Little Different


B-A-C-H: you can actually sing and play this name. But that isn't true anywhere in the world. It's true only in the German language area


This webiste wants to be a little different compared to all others, which are already existing on the internet here and there. That in mind I do not offer only one biography, but several ones, one among them is a short biography and one is a ultra short biography. You will not find just five Bach postage stamps but 150 Bach stamps. Then there are Bach pictures and Bach videos as well as Bach guotes and Bach tributes. Of course you will find Bach FAQ. No question, I offer Bach music and you will learn about the BWV. After your reading you will know the secret behind B-A-C-H. Plus you will know about the letter to Georg Erdmann. And who was Georg Erdmann. We level your way to the excitement Bach House Eisenach, to the Bach Archive at Liepzig, to the Bach Stem Location at Wechmar and to all Bach monuments worldwide. Bach books will play a big role on this webiste: Bach books for every Bach related area. Not that we want to introduce all 24,000 books, which were written regadring this theme and have been published later. No, it's only about those ones which are exciting today, in Germany and in German these are some 100 to 200 about the master. And believe me, 100 to 200 that is enough to produce some kind of confusion. Of course soo I will deliver such a service as well for Bach books in English. We find, if you would separate those books in sections like Bach biographies, Bach novels, Bach children's books as well as Bach travel guides that would be a cool idea - and that is what I have done.


Johann Sebastian Bach at Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany. Here you see him on an age-old steel engraving



Music, Work And Life of

Johann Sebastian Bach


Father of Johann Sebastian Bach: Johann Ambrosius Bach


All around Bach ist complicated. Every subarea challenging. This project is based on my back then wish, to get entrance into that theme. at a time, when I began, to be interested in the composer, the band leader, the Thomas Cantor, the musician Bach from Eisenach. And for his family. Shortly after that for his work as well, for his music and his life. And what came out with it? Interest, no better: a big interest, to share my discoveries with more folks. With my Johann Sebastian Bach website, which you discovered recently. Because I am an entertainment fan, of course this project created my goal to add exciting illustrations to the infomation. Just to lighten the text. And what fits better than adding impressive photos of the Bach cities and BAch places, stamps related to the theme of Bach and much, much historic and authentic material? Pictures of books, drawings, ersaures. Of age-old postcards, of engravings of paintings, which are hundreds of years old. And what really is that ambitious? Alone to arrange the work of Bach, once a society came into beeing. That was the Bach Society, regarding the Bach genealogy experts still fight today and if you like a little confusion coming with a Bach biography, than just click there now. Do you know a guidepost into the music of Johann Sebastian Bach? How you grapple Bach, approach him, how you find him? No? I thought so - bcause if there would be such a thing - at least I - wouldn't have found it. Like so much, which has been discovered regarding Bach already, and has again been lost after that. Or is just in process to get lost again and is waiting, that just somebody is finding it in the endless size of the internet by accident or by the advice of a competent person. as said before: all around Johann Sebastian Bach is complicated.



Bach by the weight: the heaviest Bach book weighs 5.5 lb. The smallest Bokk weighs just 0.13 lb. The book you see above isn't the heaviest nor the lightest of all Johann Sebastian Bach books. However: it is redest of all



Bach Books Over Bach Books


With Books on Johann Sebastian Bach you always have an overwhelming choice. Wether that is true in the English language area too, I still have to find out


If you are lokking for a book about Johann Sebastian Bach, you realize very fast - which such a theme you have agony of choice. Bacause there aren't dozens of books. There are hundreds. Well - not all of them are up-to-date. But in Germany there are probably 100 to 200, from which you can choose. There is not just one Bach biography. No, there are ten or twenty, which you find as a choice. There are hsitoric biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach and really up-to-date ones. There are well-known authors and less well-known ones. There are Bach books from specialists and those from newcomers. From real authors ans those, who are nor real authors yer. There are just: Bach books over Bach books about this exceptionell musician from the city of Eisnenach: Johann Sebastian Bach.


With that Johann Sebastian Bach biography among the Bach books you make a perfect choice. Wolff is one of the best authors in the past 250 years - and today he is the Bach specialist world wide




But now - there is a ray of light regarding the theme of Bach. Bacause from now on there are my Bach book recommendations for you. I hope, you see me smiling! On this Bach website I collected the very best books regarding the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. Pre selected for you - so to speak. However - here you will find relatively little publicatuons related to the theme. one hundred, may be a few more on the German site, even less on the English site. Relatively less. But not just presented. I have looked for them for you. Among 24,000 Bach books and some 54,000 publications, which exist about the theme of Bach today.



There are three books, which just have the theme of Bach genealogy. Tons of information around the Bach family of musicians and around Johann Sebastian Bach. My research on the Bach genealogy is based on these three "bibles" - and you will discover that: we found secrets well beyound



We have checked on 24,000 books within 54,000 publications about Johann Sebastian Bach for you? No, not really. Did you believe such? No, we have checked the Bach books of the last 50 years for you. And we separated the wheat from the tares. No - again we didn't do such. We have researched thos 100 Bach books according to our personell taste. Thoase, which I do not present you here now are mainly excellent too. How could I decide to call those which I didn't choose call tares! They are not! But they are less my taste - than those, which I present you on the Bach book pages. Und which I comment. Bach biography, Bach travel guides, Bach novels, Bach books for children. And some Bach books, which you almost can not imagine regarding this theme.



24,000 Johann Sebastian Bach books in just 250 years? Sure! And all of them are perfectly cataloged. By Yo Tomita. Professor Yo Tomita. You don't know him? Not yet!


A Funny Maker


A Funny-Maker, that is what I am. That is what they called the great-grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach. That was Hans, der Spielmann (...closest translation would be may be Hans, the gleeman). He was not, what you call a comedian today. That is as well not, what I am. Here, right here on this Page of my Johann sebastian Bach website I offer you a little "manual" - for your navigation. So you fin even better what you are looking for - on this Bach page. And I explain on this very first page, what it's about with one or the other category on this web portal. This explanation minimizes your frustratuon. And it intenifies your fun. And I wish you fun for such. Hardcore surfers may apologize this mental walking frame - but why are you still here? Seriously: please forgive me. I am a Funny-Maker. They would have called it joker in the beginning of the last century. Today aI am and I remain a punchinello. Generally this project is not slapdash, but always "different". It needs and wants your time. It wants to be a Bach adventure park. And it needs your leisure. But it doesn't show up baroque style. Just because he is fitting so perfect into this epoche. This project wnats to be a little bold. And cool - and modern. Whether Johann Sebastian Bach webiste and our Bach project will meet that goal. We will see.



In the past I shared my ice cream -  today I share Johann Sebastian Bach with you. By the way: the girl on the left didn't become my wife


Genealogy In General - Bach

Genealogy In Particular


In the United States of America many folks are researching theier ancestors. I estimate it twenty to thirty times more like there are people in Germany. Of course, as it is actually clear where the roots of Germans are: in Germany. In most cases. Or a little bit to the left or to the right. That is not the case of the Atlantic. You just want to know, where your folks came from.

We are infected. Ma wife and I. Ancestry. A trend passion. And the new leisure time occupation of choice. We were interested in it already two decades ago. But - you actually have to be "contaminated". And like with a cold, it doesn't work if there is the "genealogy virus alone": it needs ugly cold and reiny weather as well. Than the viruses are greenlighted. And what the nasty weather means for a cold, your own age seems to be for ancestry. age fifty is what professionals tell - is the age to start researching. And often - it is just one person in a generation.



This too is Bach genealogy: on the right side is my Grandpa



For everyone, who can imagine - after the reading of our adventure with the family of musicians Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach - to research his own family, I level the ground, so to speak. Not with the depth and expert knowledge like with the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach and his tribe. Nope, it is more like a guided approach for the beginners of you. And an enthusing for those, who thought about such earlier. Hwever: you never know whether you as an advanced researcher find something really new on my pages. Maybe a new way outside the box, an idea, a different way. However, nothing would work in this chapter without the expertise of professionals, whom I question of course.


The following paragraph is for my German audience only and tells that if they manage to find just one line leads them into the United States of America, this will be more than rewarding. Then they ould experience the same like my wife and I did, both of us found ancestors in the U.S.. I compared such a development like having found a medieval treasure chest. With gold and jewelry. And why this is so... I told them to hop to the next picture and go on reading. By the way: you will discover throughout the procect, that Renate ans I are real america lovers. Beginning in early childhood and growing each year. America for us is fun and challenge. Meanwhile we have more friends in the States than in Germany and my promise is: I work on my English. Promise. as soon, as the Johann Sebastian Bach project is sort of accomplished.



The Bach genealogy in the United States of America: here not a single photo has been burnt during World War II



Do you remember? The factor of folks researching their roots when we compare Germany and the United States? Twenty to thirty. Some twenty ro thirty times as many folks in the U.S. research their history compared to Germany - that is my guess. And when so many individuals research so much, you do discover much. And there a re many pictures, newspaper articles and stories. You find tons of age-old letters. and you can not compare ths discoveries with what you find here in Germany. How do I tell you? It's like hunting Ü-Eier. That will get tough. What is an Ü-Ei? First: the Ü stands for Überraschung. Which is surprise. The Eier is eggs. So these are surprise-eggs  (Ü-Eier). What is an Ü-Ei? A suprise-egg is an egg from chocolate wrapped in the famous ornage and white tin foil. Inside the egg is hollow. And there is a little toy iside. These eggs are existing in Germany for more than two or three decades and it's areal hype with them. Collectors py high prices, there are collections and exhibits and for those who collect them, it's a real adventure to be surprised by the next content. By the way: you may not buy any Ü-Eis in the USA as the law tells, it's against the law to combine food and toys as little children might eat the toy and play with the chocolate. Of course that is not a transaltion of the German paragraph, but an entire explanation for you guys from abroad. Is it a strange webiste - this Johann Sebastian Bach webiste. It is. I told you so.



The Bache: More Bach Genealogy


If you meet him - while browsing - on the internet - or somehwere else: it is Hans Bach, a gelleman. It is not Hans Bach, the gleeman. For Bach genealogits this is a differnece like between George Bush and George W. Bush


The Bache - better the the genealogy of the Bache. Johann Sebastian Bach, Veit Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - a challenge. After all - is there one Veit Bach - or are there two? Johann Christoph Bach is a name, you don't even need to start googleing. Because the the most famous Johann Christoph Bach covers with his name all the information of all the other 25 Johann Christophs. Hans a gleeman shows up. But you have to be very smart, to realize he is not Hans the gleeman. One Hans is a member of the family of musicians, Hans a gleeman is not. A gleeman, the gleemna - der Spielmann, ein Spielmann. How warns you, it is not the same person? When the Milan Bach is the London Bach all the same time and when the Berlin Bach is the Hamburg Bach all the same time, than it is just: confusing. The is what the Bach genealogy is: strange. That is Johann Sebastian Bach marries a nee Bach. And generally all of the BAchs seem to have much fun with choosing just one name for their offsprings. aAs if there is no different name but Jahann or Christoph. At least the number of spouses of Johann Sebastian Bach is clearly arranged. These were exactly two. And their names were Maria Barbara Bach and Anna Magdalena Bach. Correct, the last one was the lady with the little notebook. His first spouse was the lady shown on no picture at all. NOne at all! From the second wife it's only probable there is none.



The names of all of them? Bach! Johann August Reinhold Bach and his sons. The father died during the sinking of the Empress of Ireland. 1914. On a trip from the United States to Thuringia. Is it all Greek to you? Dooesn't matter - beccause now you have "Bach On Bach"



It Is A Treasure Hunt - The Bach Genealogy


Man, mouse and the whole Bach genealogy (... would be the translation word by word. Corrdect translation would have been that the ship sank with all hands). Anway... only a few families loose all their genealogy documents on a cruise. Reinhold's daughter survived. We have a loveable correspondence with Reinhold's decendents today



The Empress of Ireland - painted by Briana Bach Hertzog, who is living in Virginia, USA today. She painted the portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach for my project, which decorates the Page No. 1 on this webiste. The artistic genes are conserved through the centuries, without any doubt



Sunk on the eve of World War I: the ship and his histroy. Overshadowed by the start of the war in Europe, almost nobody remembers this catastrophy, when more passengers died than with the sinking of the Titanic



It wants to be exciting -the overall project Bach On Bach. With all it's themes and sections. I want, that you don't find much anywhere else. That is why I make much different. A real biography oabout Johann Sebatsian Bach - that is what others do better. Here on Bach On Bach you get the life of Johann Sebastian Bach in a different way than in hundreds of publicatuons in the last years: shorter. Yes bloomier as well. With illustrations, of course. Easy digestible. In different lengths, that is special. And illustrated differently. In the Johann Sebastian Bach section and there in the "Biographiy" corner there is a show as well and you will find the first biography about Bach in the year 1750., the negrology. The music of Johann Sebastian Bach: 33 of the most favored and most well-known pieces is what I was searching for you and I decided it. And you can listen to these works, either all of them in 333 seconds or in three minutes each. The Best of Bach - but it's not my taste, but the taste of the world. On this internet portal there is much to discover. It may be clearly arranged, your Bach webiste. But you won't explore it in ten minutes. That is not my approach. I want to keep you here. Please expect the unusual - but expect it never too serious. One restriction: you can expect quality. Everywhere ( exception: my Englsih grammer): with pictures, reproductions, in the Bach genealogy section, the research, the editing, the little shows. And I take a lot of time for this, including an optimization in the future as well. For your pleasure - and for mine as well.



Whether in the USA, the Netherlands or in Germany - Bach and music, that fit for centuries and that fits still today



Johann Sebastian Bach Music



What would a Bach webiste be without Bach music? In the section "Bach Work + Music" you won't find the most beautiful works of Johann Sebastian Bach, but the most favored and the most well-known. According to Google and Youtube



He composed much. Very much. The master. No question in perfection. The most popular pieces are - no doubt - The Well Tempered Piano, from that work a piece better known, especially outside Germany, with the title of "Air". Than the "Toccata" of Bach, the "Ave Maria" (... I know!), the Cantata for the Change of the Town Council, the Coffee Cantata, the Farmer's Cantata, but not - the Beer Cantata. The Brnadenbrug Concerts, the French Suites and so on... He wrote and composed so much, that Bach music lovers generated a whole Bach Work Catalog, the Bach Werke Verzeichnis, the BWV. That did the Bach Society and dissolved after that goal was accomplished according to the statute. That is why the actaual NBG is the New Bach Society (Neue Bach Gesellschaft) today. It is, so to speak, the second edition. But this BWV is not the only catalog of Johann Sebastian Bach works. Here in Bach On Bach you will learn more.


Music "not from this world": music of the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxony Court Composer Johann Sebastian Bach



Johann Sebastian Bach: The Personality

It is said, he was complicated. Once Johann Sebastian Bach threw his peruke. Seriously: have you never seen the calmest person "explode" one day? And if you put such an "outbreak of violence" of Bach, probably he had no better flying objects at that moment at hand, in a relation of his genius, which all day long had to fight the mean, than it's my opinion, just my opinion, that this anekdote is really unappropriate, if you try to judge Bach's termper with this isolated story.


And that is how I judge the analysis of many known and reported events. Like the story aorunfd the unleashed epee of the organist Bach at Arnstadt. Little, very little is knwon of the private Person of Johann Sebastian Bach. Exactly one letter is what he left his posterity. Exactly: it's the famous letter to his school friend Georg Erdmann.


While you almost know, what other artist liked best for desert, we know about Johann Sebastian Bach - almost nothing. Exception is, what was written inside. In this letter from Leipzig. In this letter from Johann Sebastian Bach to his school friend Georg Erdmann.

The letter to his school friend Georg Erdamm - here at Leipzig Johann Sebastian Bach has written it. It's the only document, in which Bach left something personal to the world - with the exception of his music of course.

Johann Sebastian Bach the Exciting Way:

That Is What This Webiste Wants to Offer

That is, what this Bach webiste wants to offer: to highlight everything related to Johann Sebastian Bach, but as well to the Bach family of musicians. And it wants to do that exciting. It's more than collecting facts. This is what already exists. On paper and on the internet. But better, like Johann Sebastian Bach would probably do, editing them. so they are fun while you approach the person of Bach and his life. That is the actual goal. How you find your way to him and give him a chance, to present his music work, actually does not matter. I am serious, with much respect: with perfect music, with godly musical knowledge - that is what I am not perfect in. I am - like i mentioned - more "at home" in the section of entertainment. For all the serious people, the Bach enthusiasts and the Bach confessors, 53.000 authors and thousands of publisher companies already cared - I just address the rest among you. And this webiste is for one or another, who finds that a combination is possible. Reference plus very easy going at the same time. So to speak.


Johann Sebastian Bach at Weimar. The monumnet is photographed esciting: so it seems to be impressing. An interesting question: when will there be a Bach House to honor this world famous artist at Weimar?

Johann Sebastian Bach FAQ


Bach FAQs or if you will BAch FAQ. With or without "s"? Let's don't care. Or call them Q & A if you want. However: there are 100 correct answers for 100 exciting questions. This is the section for kids, for students, for Bach starters - here you get the answer "to the point": all is related to Johann Sebastian Bach, but to the family of musicians as well.


Bach FAQs (or if you like that better in the plural as well without an "s" and for that reason just Johann Sebastian Bach FAQ) is a special section on this JSB Website, which adresses students in particular. But Bach novices as well. BAch FAQ has the perfect answers to the most asked questions related to Johann Sebastian Bach, to the famous Bach sons or related to the music of Bach. First you get a short answer to the point. after that you will find more and more detailled information related to the question. I put together exactly 100 questions for you and I will provide you with an answer to each of them.

Johann Sebastian Bach Videos


Bach Videos. Many, many Bach Videos are projected. Now, it's spring of 2014, more and more finally find their way to this webiste, so to speak. Combined with the Bach Music Videos there will be more than 1.100. Most of them have a length of three to six minutes.


What is necessary to explain? What is may be necessary to explain? May be the Bach Videos. Those who want to have real fun with this Johann Sebastian Bach Website get a very small "manual" here. The little shows and the Bach Music Videos are different. The shows come with narrated text and they are embedded in music. Mostly they present teh Bach Cities and the Bach Places. You will discover the many domains, where Bach lived and worked. But you will experience those places as well, where BAch lived before he got his first "real" job at Arnstadt. More little Bach Shows introduce JOhann Sebastian BAch on stamps and there is a short biographie. Beyond that nine Bach Cities and Bach Places there are many more villages and towns, which are linked to the name of Johann Sebastian Bach directly. Gotha for instance is one of the Bach Cities and Erfurt too. In a third category you will find Bach Cities and Bach Places, in which the Thomas Cantor performed back then: just once or several times. Then there are the Bach Music Videos. First there are the most well-knowns and most popular of Bach works, which you can chose to listen. Plus, for the reason you can watch something during you liste n to this music of Johann Sebastian Bach, I offer you to chose from many, many intersting photo themes. You decide for the right one. Or you listen to the same piece of music again, and decide for another photo theme after the first. Impostant, so important, that I tell you better here and on the page. You first must decide for a music piece. Click the titel in the red navigation. Then decide for the photo theme you want to watch. It doesn't work vice versa. Because we would have to offer 1,158,921 Bach Music Videos instead of "Just" 1,089. Sorry for your uinconvenience.


Between the years 1600 and 1800 the name of Bach didn't only stand for the master himself. In these two centuries the name of Bach waqs also linked to a whole and big family of musicians. This family was so much linked to deliver a high quality of music, like only few cvompanies manage and managed this today. Keywords are Caterpillar, Google and XYZ. In Austria for instance, you "kärcher" which means you pressure clean something. Actually mostly with one of these yellow machines, which are produced by the German company in Swabia: Kärcher. BAck then it were the Bachs who they wanted to hire. Even in a period, when alsmost no Bach anymore worked in such a position, they called this group of folks: the Bachs, actually the Bach with an "e" at the end, which was plural back then. This is one more reason hwy there are Bach Cities and Bach Places. However on this Johann Sebastian Bach webiste all 33 BAch Cities and Bach places are related to the composer, with the exception of a few, which are so heavily related to the Bachs as a family of musicians, that we just can not skip them. All is sort of very confusing.


The story of Johann Sebastian Bach begins in Wechmar in Thuringia. In the Bach Place of Wechmar or better and German in the Bach-Stammort Wechmar on the doorstep of  Gotha. Johann Sebastian has never been in Wechmar. But Veit Bach, who isn't missing in any biographie, has died here in 1619. With mentioning Veit in the "Ursprung" it's for the first time in Wechmar, when the name of Bach and a musical skills first met in history.

But there are different exciting Bach Videos on the Bach Video Page of this webiste. For you I researched the internet checking on cool clips regarding the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach or his music. And it goes without saying that I would love to hear about more videos out there. What you don't find here for a purpose are typical videos like they are common on Youtube. They are nice, some of them are excellent, some perform Johann Sebastian's music to perfection - but you will find those as well without my help. In my second section of BAch Videos you will find this and that, what matches the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Funny performances, exciting ideas, small takes to smile about plus: Bach Videos to just shake your head. You probably well remember: Really serious that are different places. Here it's... - funny as well.


This was the first accomplished Bach Video: about Erfurt, Thuringia. What a city! What a history. And here you will meet BAch author Helga Brueck.


Johann Sebastian Bach Stamps

Whether it's about Johann Sebastian Bach stamps from the Caribbean...


A passion inside a passion - our Bach stamps. Yes you just can fall in love with these little sticky cutes. And when you discover these little miniature works of art for the first time somewhere, tiny and unsharp (...for instance on the internet), then you are delighted. However when you experience a Bach stamp "live" for the first time - so to speak, that is when you hold one in your hands and watch it. Than it fascinates you. After that experience you might go for a hunt for the next Bach stamps. Then you don't just think about how to get them all, but you think twice how you find out, where and how to get a summary - that is a summary about all Bach stmaps on earth. Released until the present day. And you approach the philatelists. Because collecting Bach stamps hasn't been the fascination of collecting in generell, not the pure excitment of stamps. In my case it's... - yes, it's the pleasure coming with the theme of Bach, "department Bach Stamps". At the same time there was my wish to present all those jewels. That is, to present them to perfection, so you get excited. Please visit the round about 150 miniature works of art. Plus, if you like as well in an unbelievable resolution, size and sharpness via Flickr.


...or Bach stamps from Europe, Africa, South America or like this here, from China: on this Bach Website you will find all of them. More? You will find more Bach stamps nowhere. Not on the internet, not in the real world.

Johann Sebastian Bach Quotes and Tributes


Bach tributes, respectively Bach quotes ( depends from which view you see it) - here is the one of German composer Max Reger: one of the sections, I have prepared really uncommon for you. It's a total of 66 tributes or quotes related to Johann Sebastian Bach ar awaiting you. And all of them... - you will experience in a better font than the one in the picture above, from musician Reger.

Actually in the Bach tributes section respectively quotes section you won't find the quotes, which Johann Sebastian Bach said about others. Here at "Bach On Bach" it's about tributes, which famous, at least known personalities said about the work or the person of the master. Sayings, wisdom and the mentioned tributes, which then became quotes in a time of 300 years. I collected them from the most different corners of the internet, I archived them, I recycled them with love and tinkered them for you in a new constellation. In addition you get pictures of the personalities, who stated them - the quotes. And for those, which will not be happy with the name of th person who adored Bach that much, I have added a short biography to let youknow a little more about the admirer of Bach. Plus, if you can't really get enough there is a link, which makes you an expert if click yourself clever. There are some 66 quotes and tributes. But there aren't 66 authors, as one of them has said more than one tribute. One or another didn't make it into the collection. Never this page wants to state the status of completeness. It has to remain entertaining. Last statement is true with the exception of the stamps, the most tributes regarding Bahc in a collection, the Bach genealogy and a few disciplines more. And one quote is not allowed to enter the "Bach Hall of Fame". If you are interested, which one that is, feel free to click here - for you I installed a back button there. If you are pleased with Bach tributes, than you will have a special fun with these 66 Bach tributes. It is, in my opinion the most complete collection of tributes to Bach. If you show me a more complete - mine will be the most complete again after a couple of days.


Ludwig van Beethoven: his tribute about the tributes to Johann Sebastian Bach has even found its way on a Bach Memroial. You will meet both on this Bach Website. The tribute - and the Bach Memorial.

The Johann Sebastian Bach Image Archive


Those who are just in the mood for Bach, will be rewarde here. Nowhere else you will find so many different and consequently sharp, high resolution and exciting photos and images around the theme of JOhann Sebastian Bach, like on this JOhann Sebastian Bach Portal. It starts with the fact, that only photos and images as well as illustrations are permitted, which are photgraphed in a high standard or scanned to perfction. So it's not about the completeness in this BAch niche of the internet, not at any price. Only what is beautiful or goodf or both is, is allowed to get in here.


The Bach Picture Archive at "Bach On BAch". Dozens of themes, hunderds of photos, a visual promendade through the land of the Bachs and beyond.


What exactly will you find in the BAch Archive? For instance photos of the Bach Cities and Bach Places. Or many, many photos of the Bach Monuments in the world. And when I took these photos myself, especially as this lightens the copyright situation dramtically, than you gett the Bach Memorial from a frog's view, from the right, rom the left, once from very close distance and another from 1 mile distance. And almost always with good weather condition, that is sunshine. With only very few compromises. So that everyone realizes, actually you realize, how much fun I had, to find these locations and to experience these locations and finally to take photos of these locations. After that we edited the tons of photes, optimized them and finally not only use them as illustartion of many, many pages of this website, but also collect them for this Bach Picture Archive. But there is more in that section, especially for Bach enthusiasts. But I won't tell you here. Find it out yourself.


Erfurt is no "Johann Sebatsian Bach City". However there is no doubt, Erfurt is Bach City. More than 60 files in the church recors of Erfurt are related to the Bach family of musicians. Almost everything, what is beautiful in Erfurt, I have photographed for you. You can experience the photos in the "Department Bach Pictures", one at a time. Or you can decide in the "Department Bach + Music" for one piece and then decide for the theme of Erfurt and click the matching theme.

Practically all Bach Cities and Bach Places are photographed with perfect weather. With many, many details - all what you can do without an extended vacation and without the knowlage of a local. Many a archway, many a Bach monumnet and many a detail made a second visit necessary. Becasue the sunshine came from the wrong direction. Or bad weather surprised me. To the history, to Bach and sometimes just for fun, because I love taking photos, you get many images of sights which you probably won't realize while visiting a first time in the matter of Bach. You will experience just the result which you get, if someone is not only interested in the passion of Bach but likes taking photos as well. Howevr, all photos, which you might find perfect on this webiste, are placed as well on Flickr: better, sharper, in higher resolution. And all surfers with an expeience of more than 4 hours experience on the web may excuse the followwing - there is a manual for Flickr as well. , Bcause we want to ta take care, don't we? Finally in this chapter of Bach photos: there are allways more photos in the Bach Picture Archive than you think thee are. It will be the biggest Bach Picture archive in the world, and that is not just with a feww images more. It's necessary to find really a lot more pictures.




What else do you find there? Historic pictures for instance. Much, what you might find on the internet here in there in a poor quality already - but not in real high definition. Original documents, engravings, Bach Portraits, historic sights of the Bach cities and Bach places, Ppotscards, books - just: more, than you can imagin in this moment.


Music of Bach - This Way You Don't Know It

This webistes wants to be  a guarantee for surprises always - and that will remain this way into the future. So you have been reading a chapter regarding the music of the master already. Here now you learn about a very uncommon art to learn more about this music and Bach's work. How Bach music sounds, especially the very well-known piece that is what you already know for sure. However, if you don't sit in a concert hall, you hear from your sourround sound system or have your headphoes on, why don't you offer your eyes in the next round something special and intersttnign? And like staning in front of italien iece cream abr you are offerend to mix your own ingedredients. Exactly 33 themes of realy beautiful photos and exciting pictures is what we have colelcted and put together for your. IN addition we collected the 33 most admired 33 music works of Johann Sebastian Bach. And now you may combine every piece of music with every theme of photos. It's actally true: you have the choice of 1,089 music and phototheme video options, which you ma yenjoy one after an other.




Johann Sebastian Bach International


How do you get to the idea to offera webiste in 33 language versions. It's that easy: you just overdo everything.


Yes, it a little challenge, which I have in my head right now, it's the beginning of February 013. To spread the cultural assets Johann Sebastian Bach even more and even more dynamic all over the planet, the internet ist jeust perfect. And if their is one last exciting hurdle left, it is to communicate the most exciting about the amster in one's own mother language (I know  a mother lnaguage is allway one's own mother lnaguage). With much fun with learnign English and taling English I know that even with 20 years of experience, that I am challenged by text,by a book or a movie more than if I experience it in German language. And this is why I hope for help from abroad. I hope for support from students or of BAch enthusiasts, who is not "just coming along the way". There is much ambition and time needed, but my concept is etteled. And if it works out, what I imagine and how I imagine this, then there will be much Bach knowledge to elarn one day in 33 international versions and beyond. And besides the languages spoken by our neighbors and those in the European Union, there are left such chellenges like Chinesem, Korean, HIndi, Russian and Indonesian.


The Hindi version of the "Bach on Bach" Projekts. And like this one there is a Korean, a Hebrew, an Indonesiain and some 30 more.

Famous Composers + Families of Musicians

And if you want to learn more about the collegues of music poet Johann Sebatsian Bach and about the most famous music families on earth, you are perfect here too.

In the section "Famous composers" there is a little service regarding the colleques of JOhann Sebastian Bach. On the one hand, there will be a separate little webiste, where you find many, many composers of all epoches


The composer (Der KOmponist) - a portal for all events around the theme of Johann Sebatsian Bach on earth. That was planned earlier in the rpoject. It is one of those ideas, which I didn't develop to the end. But a little piece of art coming with it is accomplished and you see it in the picture above. And this little artwork remains. However, there never was such a magazine.


Everything Else Around Bach

Dozens of books - so there is a least one section that helps you seriously with a decision, which on to read.

Are you still here? I am very pleased. So I thnak you much. For your patience. I didn't take it easy: to make it short or as a second option to write just like I love tow rite. Finally I decided for the second option. As you always have the option to cnacel the rest, take a short cut and start to explorre the page on your own. As it's well arrangend. And this website is designed to be a JOhann Sebatsian Bach adventure park. HOwever, may be you are here to let me enttertain you in the matter of the master. May be you like the style of writing, my style of writing. And then it's not about to write all that in a shorter way, as in our current internet era there is almost left time for nothing and there is almost no time left to enjoy something, what you found recently. Actually becasue you are already on the hunt for the next entertainment, which you want to conusme as fast as you possibly can. Speaking that, take yourself some time, when you discover the many Bach stamps, take yourself time when you watch all the Bach videos or when you discover all those Bach photos in The Bach Image archive. And, fust for fin, make aquaintance with the FAQ. Or I invite you as a guest for a Bach Short Biographie or a one hour Bach biographiy. Nowhere els you get you have an overlook about all current ready to buy books which I prepared dfor you. Same thing is true for the genealogy. It's unique in size and in correctness in the world. The Quodlibet is worth a cklick. Really. Or the Bach cartoon. But now... what are you waiting for? Thanks for your your attention. Plus, as said, thank you for your time.


Peter Bach jr.




A long, long time ago I had fun living: Author Peter Bach jr. in an original historic Bavarian costume for kids - the latest chapter in a Bach genealogy.