Veit Bach on Wikipedia ... Why There Are Wrong Theories About Veit Bach on Wikipedia and Why I Don’t Change This


My Frustration With Wikipedia in General and With Veit Bach on Wikipedia in Particular


You can read a lot about Veit Bach ... on Wikipedia. But ... regarding Veit Bach the research has changed. Since 2021 and before that already in 2015. But because Wikipedia is as it is, I will not ( ! ) publish my research there ( ! ). 2023, 2024 and 2025 I summarize instead on this page of my website - here - the history of the Bache to Veit and before Veit, who became with Veit Bach the musician family of the Bachs. And I add why I will not include this knowledge in the article at Wikipedia. Yes ... there is frustration involved. So that you can still find me, I chose these provocative headlines ... and they are correct in content as well. Read a little further down why I don't include my findings on Wikipedia. Actually ... no longer share any findings at all on Wikipedia. This upcoming essay, to which I must first re-read myself – on my own pages – will be a summary of my previous reading for you. --

Veit Bach ... Here Instead of on Wikipedia


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