The Pipe Organ Calendar 2020 by "Bach 4 You": 2 Cool Styles of Yearly Pipe Organ Calendars


There are full format pipe organ calendars, perfect to decorate a home or an office plus there are pipe organ calendars that help to organize your everyday life. The tiny calendar publishing house "Bach 4 You" in southern Germany with its online shop believes, it's the only place in the Universe that offer both options. Pipe organ wall calendars which have the grid section plus pipe organ wall calendars which are designed only for one purpose: For the goal to upgrade a living room, a hall, a guest bathroom, an office, a reception area and a waiting area. Find out yourself, please go on reading.


Pipe organ wall calendars with grid and pipe organ wall calendars without a grid: Where else do you find the option to purchase one collection of 12 organ pics in two calendar styles?


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American Style ... European Style ... What Actually is the Difference?


No pipe organ calendar, right. it's a composers calendar and by the way it's Johann Sebastian Bach. Correct, I am fooling around. It is a 50:50 calendar, how we call it. 99 % of all calendars are looking like this one above. In Germany only a small percentage on a very special request is like this. In book stores and if you google calendars you get the full page calendars like the one below and like all "Bach 4 You" calendars are. However: the publishing house offers these 50:50 calendars, too. If you like them better, click to Zazzle, the "Zazzle Bach 4 You" shop.


No organ calendar as well. It is Handel in the same composers calendar like the one above. Did you know, that in some portraits, in particular on composers stamps, Handel and Bach look so similar, that you actually can't tell who the picture shows?


The tiniest Bach biography ever in the left picture, a great pipe organ calendar in the right picture. Learn more about both music gifts on "Bach 4 You". To the shop.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar ... Are You in the Mood to Discover the Monthly Pages Now?


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – January.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – February.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – March.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – April.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – May.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – June.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – July.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – August.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – September.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – October.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – November.


The 2020 Pipe Organ Calendar – December.



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