The Bach Short Biography Very Different: the Bach Mini Video


Don't worry: it's a total length of nine minutes and comes with pictures, narration and of course, with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. And you will find the link to the Bach video at the bottom of this page.


"Morning Prayer," a famous painting of Toby E. Rosenthal: Johann Sebastian Bach surrounded by his family.





How can I do so such a thing? How can I put such a funny title to such an important theme? A "Bach Mini Video." And, for many of you, it isn't even funny!


I was in the mood. It's the tiny compromise; you are taking with me as a joker. I was the Punchinello when I was a student; I was the clown during my time in the army. Plus, I am still such a person today. In my job as well – why in the world should I stop such here? When I spread the knowledge about Johann Sebastian Bach "in my very own way"? Now, come on – start smiling. I had to state that – it's again: just me.



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Fast, Compact, Convenient, with Music


Here Johann Sebastian Bach once lived - and how he did so, you may still experience today: Bach Museum, Bach House, and the Bach Monument are looking forward to your visit to Eisenach.


You don't like to read much? And you love it convenient, relaxed? But you want it slapdash and if possible as an overview? Maybe a little music coming with it? Then you are perfect right here. You can't call it a biography. Not even the term of short biography would be far appropriate. In nine minutes I tell you the life of the most celebrated musician of all times ... and that is it actually? Maybe it's like to put the Bach biography of one of the greatest Bach biographers of all times in a book smaller as two by 2 inches. Click on the picture at the end of the page, and within eight minutes you will have a robust and healthy half knowledge about Johann Sebastian Bach.



That Is Something Real Different: Bach an Artist's Life in Nine Minutes!


If a real Johann Sebastian Bach biography fits into such a tiny book than a whole artist's life might fit in a mini Bach video as well. Click here or on the picture.


Slapdash it's told: the life of the Thomas Cantor. The works here super convenient. You push "play" – and shortly after this you here the narration and watch the pictures and video sequences – and because that is not real multi-media yet, you get a few of the most well-known works of Johann Sebastian Bach just in addition.


Have fun with watching and listening ... and after that, I have a polite request: please pass it! Thank you much.



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