Bach Cities, Bach Places ... Why Are There Four Categories and Not Five?



To the point? Because for everyone, overdoing begins somewhere. And for most Bach fans, I have already far exceeded the limit with my 4 categories. Only one person in the whole world counts more communities, municipalities, locations, clusters of houses, former villages and incorporated districts and, of course, large cities among the Bach cities and Bach towns in the sense of my collection. It is our Bach friend Aryeh Oron.


London, Milan, Bückeburg ... they too are 100 % Bach cities ... but ... they are assigned to the sons of Johann Sebastian Bach or to the various branches of the family. And when London, Milan and Bückeburg are allowed, then others are allowed too. And where, after all, do you want to draw the line?



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Bach Places, Bach Cities, Bach Locations: My 4 Categories (... why and wherefore)


This page is intended for all those who came to this website via Google and via one of the Bach locations and are now wondering why there are 4 categories of Bach cities and Bach places. Or why this place and that town is a Bach place or Bach city at all. Here you can find out quickly and compactly.


Bach Cities and Bach Places, Category A




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