A Johann Sebastian Bach Cartoon


André Martini (www.andremartini.net) is a draftsman and Katja Uhlig is the producer of a unique project: The story of Johann Sebastian Bach as a cartoon.


There is something in the making, which has never been existing before. Not in 300 years. However it wouldn't have been possible to create such a thing in the last three decades. It is a cartoon on the theme Johann Sebastian Bach. Where else, but in the Bach city of Leipzig could such a thing happen?!



Leipzig in Saxony Supports the Johann Sebastian Bach Cartoon Project


The Team around producer Katja Uhlig, who offers product videos and image videos in Leipzig successfully and draftsman André Martini have already accomplished a great part of the path and the most rocky part of the way is completed. Folks are actually excited in the music metropolis of Leipzig and so both the Bach archive and the Stadtgeschichtliche Museum support the project. And nobody less but the mayor is patron for this project. Of course more specialists are involved to be part in creating the work of art. It's a whole team of young specialists, who contribute to the success. So the drawing do not only have to be drawn on paper, but they have to become animated in a complex. The sound recording has to be professional and it goes without saying you listen to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Matching to the topical scene - of course.


Drawn with love down to the detail and animated with brillance. Hollywood from the captital of Saxony, Leipzig.



With Crowdfunding to the Bach Success


One option to fund a creative project hasn't succeeded yet in Germany like it does in the United States of America, but anyhow the team around Uhlig/Martini managed the financing with a group of fellow campaigners. Crowdfunding is the funding of money via a so called community of backeers. These are mostly internet users, which would like to see this and that coming into being. For instance this little Johann Sebastian Bach cartoon. And suppoerters pledge smallest, small and sometimes even a bigger amount of money, so the project is going on. Crucial corner pillar are littel gifts, which are offered by the project team to those who support. Because it's absoutely not sure, that the team is succesfull to collect the wanted amount of money, there is a escrow bank involved. Because this back hands back the donated money to the pledgers, if the goal, which is the sum of money, is not accomplished, that is to say the project as a whole fails.


Johann Sebastian Bach would have had much fun: a drawing of expert André Martini. Just one out of thousands for the film of Katja Uhlig.



Sucess With Bach Thanks to Startnext.de


In Germany the company "startnext" is the most successful crowdfunding platform and Uhlig and Martini have accomplished their goal with that institution. The amount of € 4.500 was collected and now the actual work on the project started for the team around the company Eventfilm and Katja Uhlig, the CEO. A small trailer with the title "Singing, Praying, Halleluja" gives you a first impression, what a worldwide Bach Fan Community might look forward to. Ther will be an English version later. News and progress on the project is what you may find via the source, which is Eventfilm, that goes without saying, and from André Martini or  – you know it, here via "Bach on Bach". And that is on the very day, when it happens. Of course you may buy this DVD. The title by the way about the brillant tone setter of the baroque is called "Requiem – Johann Sebastian Bach and The Thomaner".


"Singing, Praying, Halleluja" is a dreamlike trailer of the production team around Katja Uhlig and André Martini. If this cartoon is a sucess in German, no doubt, an English version will follow. Until this happens: visit the German version – even if you don't understand a word: it's really worth it.



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