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Bach author Helga Brück is largely responsible for our current level of data in the genealogy of the Bach family. Her Bach book has been essential in completing the one American line. And we also owe her the contact to many Bachs on the other side of "the big pond". There are still three copies in the publishing house which we "bought up" at that time ... but ... surely not for much longer! Important hint: It's in German only!


The genealogical "bible of Bach researchers" and Bach connoisseurs in Thuringia and Leipzig. In two essential editions: once by Hermann Kock, the work was later updated by Ragnhild Siegel. And again: This book is available in German only.


For me, it was the "Bach book of all Bach books". And I almost met the author. An appointment was as good as arranged. But it was not to happen. Frickel was the person I suspected must exist: someone who had been interested in everything that interested me before me. And we found him. But shortly before the meeting, he passed away as one of the great researchers of the Bach genealogy.


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