Always the Five Latest Books Regarding the Theme of Bach


A challenge, as this section of my website, is not just a translation 1:1. If you need some guidance into the world of books about Johann Sebastian Bach, go on reading. On October 16, 2013, this page was titled "The five most recent books on Johann Sebastian Bach". In fact, these three above were the first ones I set on this page. But in contrast to the Bach books, which continue to alternate below, the image above is and remains the illustration for the chapter and will stay here forever ...


Oh yes, that's right - it's the title of the five most recent books on Johann Sebastian Bach - in the picture you only see three. Why is that? First of all, because I am just a joker and when 33 musical works are mentioned, it can also be 34, the 66 quotes are then 70 and the five books in the title are just three in the picture.


Jens Johler, already successful with its German edition of the book above, told about his English version "Bach and the Tuning of the World in May 2021. Learn more about the content with a click here.

I learned about this book in spring 2019 and that is why it belongs here. If you want to learn more about the content, why don't you click here?!


I love this Little Bach Book that much, that I even recommend it to my German visitors on these Bach book pages.


It's summer 2018 and "The Little Bach Book" at the top has been around for a few months now. But clearly, it belongs on this page. An English book? For German Bach fans? Sure ... only if you speak a little English. But then ... it's a gem. It is not a biography, but the Little Bach Book vividly and amusingly describes all the unimportant things that made up the time of the composer from Eisenach. Everyday life: what did you eat then, how did you live when it was dark in the winter and candles were very expensive? It's a perfect read before, after or while enjoying a fun biography. The Little Bach Book is no biography!


This booklet is so worth reading that it got a separate rubric from the Bach books. There you can get better information first. To the content, to David Gordon, to opinions from renowned newspapers and to David Gordon's offer via Facebook and his own homepage. More info is here so first.



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