My Johann Sebastian Bach Biography for Children and "Easy Going" for Grownups, Too!


After reading the first Bach biographies one thing was clear ... I would never have the competence to write a biography of Johann Sebastian Bach myself. And the world did not need another one either. Because around 7,000 exist and have already existed. And you can really buy some - to this day and probably in the future - fresh and new parallel. You are spoiled for choice and - scientists and Bach connoisseurs may forgive me - you buy the "cat in the bag, even if they are very, very successful cats.


It depends on your taste. Do you prefer it in detail or well-organized? Do you prefer it casual or rather serious On many, many pages in 2 volumes, or as just a huge text work and compactly written or rather in an average amount like most biographies are?


And that's where my biography for children comes into play. Of course, it was created without any feedback in advance. When she was finished, it became clear that such a biography for children - just like some "literary works" - could also be just the thing for adults as a "light meal".


And that's why the proposal is here for you. So my biography ... for you as Echechsenen or adults. Or just for your kids. Between 12 and 22 she is probably not the right person, because she is not young enough anymore and not old enough. but otherwise. Just listen to the audio version in the audiobook.


Caution, caution, caution ... There is no book on paper yet. It will become a crowdfunding project in the fall of 2018. So far the audiobook will be accomplished soon. After that, the electronic version will come into being. After that, we will decide how to move on.


My biography "Johann Sebastian Bach - A biography for children". In 17 thrilling stories, it's a real biography that only puts the exciting and curious sequences in the foreground. And omits scientific, lengthy and boring episodes.


On a "very own" homepage, you can learn a lot more about this biography, can test-read and listen to and learn why there are 3 different variants of the audiobook alone. And there is also in which electronic formats you can buy this biography. Alternatively, you come via the button in the vicinity and directly into the shop of my wife. Via the link here.



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