A Cool Bach Coloring Book ... Is It Really a Cool Coloring Book?


The Bach Coloring Book. Why after all ... is it, with so many serious and first-class works (... in Germany there are even way more Bach books in German)  that is to say biographies from famous authors and scientific works a coloring book of all books on position one of all books in the website navigation, which I present to you?


Of course, because I created it myself. As a third artist in the dream team together with my cousin Briana Bach-Hertzog in the USA and my wife Renate.


This Bach coloring book even has its own website, because you can order it in Spanish, in Chinese, in Hindi and in all 10,000 accents in the world. You don't believe such a thing?. Well, what are you waiting for? Get there via the information button. Or just click on this link.

My Bach Coloring Book: Title and 3 Pages


It needed a long, really long tie, until my idea, to create a coloring book for the littlest Bach fans or for those kids, that maybe might become a Bach fan one day, became reality. And the artist - I had asked many creative folks -  who finally created these cute paintings after my imagination, wishes, and briefing, was my cousin of all people. Thank you so very much, Briana.


Exactly ... the title page. Of the Bach coloring book.


That is what they look like: the drawings to color it. In the Bach coloring book.


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Of course, the funny and gigantic "C" is not at all in your copy of the coloring book. However, today ... you should just not put anything on the internet.


So? Did you realize it? On the left page, there is a complete ultra short biography in German and it is in English at the same time.


A music calendar: Sure, we created a calendar from it as well. Color it, hand it to grandma or grandpa and produce pleasure. 33 Bach calendars. 3 sizes. 2024 + 2025. To the shop.



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