Even More Books Related to Johann Sebastian Bach

Clearly: Here are all the exciting Bach books that somehow either do not fit into one of the Bach book categories or where it is not obvious that they would actually be repealed elsewhere. Here are all the Bach books you may not even know about - or better yet, did not know they existed.


David Gordon is a creative all-rounder: author, a well-known tenor, a narrator and a pedagogue.


It does not fit in any drawer, the "Little Bach Book" by David Gordon. And yes, it is my recommendation, especially for German Bach fans. It's about the time when Johann Sebastian Bach lived. To everyday life between 1685 and 1750. It is definitely not a biography. And after David Gordon convinced me personally - because I was convinced it was a 7001st Bach biography - today I'm so excited about reading that I want to help him introduce this little gem. So this is a first piece of information, there's more on the link below. "The Little Bach Book" inspired and inspired me so much, that it got its own rubric on this page with book recommendations. First of all, have a look over there.


Ein Bach-Buch:






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