The 2020 Wine Wall Calendar – A Wine Calendar "Invented" in Flein


This is it: the 2020 wine calendar, the wine calendar from the wine village Flein near Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg ... for € 11.90 plus shipping costs, including tax, it is a fantastic addition to a bottle of wine when you visit good friends or for business partners.


You don't want to be entertained ... you want to the shop? Okay, hit the button to your right. Please, first read about the European style vs. the 50:50 style ( ... common in the USA).


So ... a wine wall calendar! Really a wine wall calendar? What does a wine calendar do on a Bach portal with Bach gifts and music gifts?


Actually and indeed. This wine wall calendar is the famous exception to the rule. To the rule that "Bach 4 You" actually ... yes actually ... offers only Bach gifts and music gifts. Even the Valentine's Day calendar and the Mother's Day calendar are both musical gifts, because the hearts that you hang with the corresponding calendar on a suitable place in your own home are very musical: see for yourself. All, even really all gifts in the publishing house "Bach 4 You" are actually music gifts or as the publishing house also calls them "gifts for musicians". But not ... the wine wall calendar.


Here it comes from, the wine wall calendar: from Flein, south of Heilbronn in Germany. But ... the wine wall calendar itself has no relation to this wine place!


A Little Entertainment Around the Wine Calendar from Flein Close to Heilbronn


How come? In Heilbronn, one of the big wine magazines in Germany is being created, an online magazine with plenty of exciting and interesting facts about wine. And this wine portal is only a 9-minute drive from door to door between the publishing house "Bach 4 You" and the editorial office of the wine magazine. Plus, there is one person who knows both of them well, the managing director of the portal and ... and two Bachs.
And during a first common "coffee and cake" appointment, actually quite privately, the realization arises that together you can offer something special that the market doesn't yet know. And this is the personalized version of the wine calendar.

The logo of the wine internet portal. It's a pity, it's in German only. You don't care? Click on the logo above.


In 2 sizes personalized wine calendar costs only 10 € more, inclusive value tax, than the "regular" wine calendar illustrated above. Only in DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm / 8.3 in x 11.7 in) the publisher can not pass on its own quantity discount with the purchase of 1 piece of course: Therefore it is relatively complex and costs € 32.90 plus shipping, including tax. 10 however only cost € 10.90 per piece. Between 2 and 9 pieces the DIN A4 wine calendars get more and more inexpensive: Please as for rates.


The Personalized Wine Wall Calendar Starting as Low as € 8.50*


Especially exciting is the personalized wine calendar for winegrowers and winegrowers' cooperatives. Because here the publishing house can pass on discounts and so a high-quality DIN A4 wine calendar costs with an acceptance of 100 pieces only € 8.50 / piece plus tax, plus S&H (*). Check more rebate data for 3 sizes and 4 quantities real quick here.

The wine calendar with your company logo. This is really no usual present to very good and good customers at the end of the year.


Discounts Also for Private Individuals ... or for Wine Companies that Even Find It Cool Already Without a Personalization 


February in the wine calendar.


Who - as a private wine connoisseur - organizes his gifts for birthdays of friends, acquaintances and loved ones in such a way, that he gives 5 or 10 or even 25 times the same gift - in our case the wine calendar - to all of those mentioned above? Well, maybe it's a cool idea that saves creative resources for a whole year. However ... not really. Here we have the following discount scale: 


Yes, you can order your wine calendar also as a 50:50 calendar with grid. However ... sorry ... not personalized.


This quantity offer is more exciting for companies - large and small - who want to give their customers, their good customers and/or their best customers a wine wall calendar as a Christmas greeting and New Year's greeting. The DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in.) wine calendar, which "Bach 4 You" can already offer for only € 10.50 incl. tax, plus S&H, is very tightly calculated. Personalized or not personalized ... actually ... the same price.
It becomes exciting in the sizes DIN A3 and DIN A2. This wine calendar offers "Bach 4 You" including personalization for the same low price as with no personalization. Please check the prizes here.
 October in the wine calendar. 
You are interested in all the monthly pages in this wine calendar, and not here one and there one? Well, understandably, then click here to the shop. Or you can scroll all the way down on this page. There ... they are, too.

1 Wine Wall Calendar or 3 Wine Wall Calendars?


Of course ... if my husband is "on board" ... then the offer of one wine wall calendar is not enough for him. There must be at least three. Or even better ... 10 wine wall calendars. That is how he is, that is how he always was ... and that's probably how he will be in the future. Just like no 10 music calendars do, no 15 Bach calendars, no 20 composer calendars and one organ calendar. So he researched ... my husband.


It always results in a "top relationship": My husband invents a new idea in less than 5 minutes ... and then I am busy for several days. In the picture above it's the old city hall in the wine village of Flein. Flein is the one-person-publisher has its headquarters.


A wine calendar with stamps on the subject wine. This was his idea, because it already worked so well with the Bach calendars and the composer calendars. But: There are by far not as many wine stamps as there are music stamps. You can't fill up the Neckar in Heilbronn or the Deinenbach in Flein with them (... that would be there is "no truck load" of such stamps, the Neckar is a river, the Deinenbach is a creek).


Yes, quite nice, this wine stamp for a wine calendar ... but really cool, really impressive ... is, what it really isn't. Now to the shop?


And not only are there not enough stamps for such a second wine calendar. No, the ones that exist are not really spectacular. Have a look at the Bach stamps or the composer stamps. Then you know what wethe Bach publishing house and the Bach projectmean. Not good enough ... for another wine calendar.


It's not bad either. But also only "quite good". Nothing breathtaking for a "Bach 4 You" wine calendar.


The third and last wine stamp. Very beautiful, but by far not beautiful enough. For another wine calendar of my husband.


A Wine Wall Calendar with Historic Engravings, Pics, Ads and Photos


Again, Bach and the composers' guild are the godfathers when my husband remembers that historical prints are certainly so abundant that you could design a second wine calendar from them and then also offer it: old enamel signs, postcards and simply collectible pictures all about wine. But ... again two factors are important, which also spoilt this idea: There are neither enough such "treasures" nor are the ones, that exist, really stunning. And so Petermy husbandalso has to abandon this topic for a wine calendar. And so he came to one conclusion: For us there is only one wine calendar, namely Thee wine calendar, the Flein wine calendar (... however, it has nothing to do with Flein).


This find will never be found in a wine calendar, but you can have your joy with it after Peter has found it. Now to the shop?


Also, quite exciting and very, very nostalgic. But good enough, that you offer a second wine calendar with 11 other similar parts? Probably ... not.


A third cool find. And there would have surely been two or three more. He would have needed says Peter  about 40 to 50, so that actually 12 really cool would have resulted in another, then second wine calendar.


However, now ... it's finally enough, as it is additionally not about Württemberg Wine.


At this time of year wine lovers enjoy: December in the wine calendar ...


... thousands of wine glasses wait for local, regional and international delicacies: The January in the wine calendar.


Just a Little More Entertainment: Flein ... Where the Wine Wall Calendar Is "Born"


Flein, a few minutes drive south of Heilbronn is surrounded to a large extent by vineyards and it is actually a real wine-growing community. Tractors are part of the daily street scene and if you look closely you will see the wine almost every few meters. Flein lies on the Württemberg Wine Route and the famous Flein wines ... is what the Fleiners and Fleinamas preferably like to drink themselves.
Fleinamas? Yes, that's right. If you move to Flein, you can become a real Fleiner. Respected, loved and recognized by the locals or almost better the natives. But these newcomers can never become "Fleinama", because you have to be born in Flein. More precisely, the parents must be at least Fleiners at a time when one sees the light of the world. But that ... also in Heilbronn ... because otherwise the Fleinamas would die out over time ... and that would be a shame.

A big portion of all the ideas in the entire Bach mission are from my husband. And he builds websites. Preferably many. Many with lots of text. And he thinks up new projects. One wine wall calendar is somehow not enough for him. And when looking at this picture he actually asks me if I can imagine a wine calendar especially for Flein. Can I ... but far too few people live there to avoid an economic flop for a wine calendar especially for Flein. Namely ... only 7.000. Once again ... you get to the shop here.


So, no wine calendar matching the subject "Flein and Wine", however, what you get is a few pictures of Flein ...


... the wine village, where the wine wall calendar is produced ...


... the wine calendar, which, content wise, is not related to the wine village.


A Video about Flein ... and in 6 Minutes All Is Told: Film, Pics, Music, Narration


Of course, I could present you dozens of pictures from Flein. However, I think, that 6 minutes film are more entertaining. Well what are you waiting for? Click the play button ... and have much fun.


The Wine Wall Calendar 2020, the Wine Calendar from Flein: 12 Monthly Pages


The wine calendar ... that is what it looks like. And you get it from € 8.50 for companies inclsuding tax (... and the possible personalization is already included). Of course it is also appreciated in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France and certainly in many other countries of the world. It is the perfect gift from the "Ländle", which is the "little country" in Englishand the call Swabia like this. Very exclusiv is the price for 1 personalized wine wall calendar, as it is a single hot off the press order plus there is the work to prepare your jewel. That is why it starts at € 31,90 but falls to € € 10.90 per piece - if you order 10 - in the size DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in.). Of course, that is a pity.


January in the wine calendar.


February in the wine calendar.


March in the wine calendar.


April in the wine calendar.


May in the wine calendar.


June in the wine calendar.


July in the wine calendar.


 August in the wine calendar.


September in the wine calendar.


October in the wine calendar.


November in the wine calendar.


December in the wine calendar.


The Wine Calendar 2020 The Cool Wine Calendar from the Wine Village of Flein


The wine calendar ... it is also appreciated in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France and certainly in many other countries all over the world. It is the perfect gift from the "Ländle". From € 11.90 for connoisseurs, i.e. consumers, incl. tax, plus shipping costs.


A perfect gift for business partners, for very good and for good customers and perhaps for future customers who are visiting their location for the first time around Christmas. From € 8.50 incl. tax, plus shipping costs: the wine calendar for wine professionals, winegrowers and all those who earn their living with the noble drink. And a very last time you get to the shop with a click here.





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