Valentine's Day Gifts, Real Great Valentine's Day Gifts: 2 Calendars

Valentine's Day gifts. This theme not related to music calendars nor related to Bach, too. In the Valentine's Day gifts industry "Bach 4 You", our miniature publishing company, will definitely remain the smallest vendor on the planet. And that is ... assure, as it is true for all times. Because more than these three calendars related to this significant day in the year will never ever be an option at "Bach 4 You". However: This Valentine's Day calendar could absolutely be the matching gift, which "fills an important gap". It will never ever replace expensive jewelry, or the new car plus as well not the long desired wish of your loved one. But it is ... without question ... definitely fancy and a really cool idea. Plus it "preserves" your explicitly stated love for a whole year fresh. Better: It's even longer than one year. Because different compared to common calendars, it doesn't end after 365 days, but – on Valentine's Day of the following year – it does "its job again" and is valid after that another two weeks. Over the thumb ... with a second Valentine's Day greeting. 380 days of wonderful decoration with a message from your heart.


Valentine's Day gift number 1: The first of three Valentine's Day calendars. Because there are two more and we would like you to meet them further down the page. As the Valentine's Day calendar is a Valentine's Day gift it's an exception in the offer of the Renate Bach Publishing House – just the music aspects in the hearts "allow" an acceptance in the assortment in the first place – that is why we present the monthly pages later in addition. To check on all further monthly pages of all 99 music calendars, we are sorry you have to click two or three times through the navigation. That is not difficult but presented on one page ... it's just a little more convenient.


You can purchase a St. Valentine's Day calendar in two styles: European on "Bach 4 You", US style on "Zazzle"… learn more.

It Is Exhausting ... To Be Creative! Sometimes!

Yes, writing is as exhausting, as managing to find a real new cool and creative gift each year for Christmas, name day, Mother's Day, the day you first met from scratch. The problem with the story: The more creative you are, the earlier you run out of very best ideas. So, if you know somebody for 20, 30, 40 or even long 50 years, then a brand new idea is an honestly real challenge. Correct, the internet helps in the past years, however many ideas, which you get there, are not perfect, because they are too expensive, just too cool, too stylish, too exciting, not exciting enough, not after your taste, too strange, just trash or they don't fit in your lifestyle or the lifestyle of your partner. But that all has come to an end. Tadaaaaaa!


The second of three Valentine's Day gifts: The blue Valentine's Day calendar. This calendar as well has a "lifespan" of 12.5 months.

There's an End ... But Just for One Year


How can it last for just one year, when the publishing house offers three Valentine's Day calendars? Correct, you checked it out, I am just kidding because I don't really "want to fool you"! Never. In the first year, you give the calendar as a gift and that is a real wow effect. However, believe me, if you show up in the next year with a second Valentine's Day calendar ... no, I don't have to finish this sentence, do I? It's different with the Mother's Day calendar, that might work twice if we manage to create the third Mother's Day calendar real different. What if you check that on your own?

A Cool Surprise from € 18.90*


* =Yes, correct, the sales tax is included, but please add the shipping and handling fee. However, be sure about one effect: The special aha effect is with this Valentine's Day gift definitely higher than with every other much more expensive present, presented on this very special day in February. Just the calendar ... would probably be no good suggestion for a long relationship. But if your creativity has already reached the status of gift certificates, cash or a bouquet of red roses, then this idea provides you with one year of release. By the way: The red Valentine's Day calendar, it's the 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, is one of the value-priced calendars of the publishing house. That means, that we order a small edition of calendars as early as on this Valentine's Day, the number probably is around 30 pieces, and we forward that price advantage for the next 11 months to you. We don't take that risk either on the next size, which is 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches nor with the other 2 designs. In this size, 11.7 by 16.5 inches, this calendar looks just wow, however it's actually no "upgrade" of your most important gift anymore. That is why thisbecause hot off the presscosts € 35,90*. Actually, we do believe, that € 18,90 is so priceless, that a purchase ignites more happiness than it costs money. And that would be a real different fun ratio, if the price tag is € 25,90, ifyes if you could buy the larger size of this calendar as a value-priced calendar. But ... you just can't. So the price tag is € 35,90.


11.7 inches by 16.5 inches or 16.5 inches by 23.4 incheswe just want to mention that factthe calendar with it's 13 motives which are related closer to music than to than long gone Valentine's Day later ... as a "super wow effect" and compared with other calendars in the two large sizes € 35,90* or € 43.90 are affordable for the one or the other. So, that is to say to the point: It is absolutely possible to order it in the large two sizes, however, it's not that ultra value priced. Sorry.


* ... like always all mentioned prices are including sales tax, but you have to add shipping and handling.


Is there such a thing?! A gift, which delivers joy on two Valentine's Days in a row?? Yes, here you see one of the monthly pages. All the others are in the shop, and you get there via this link here. To the shop.


Is It February Right Now? Than You Are Actually Really, Really Late!


Okay, that is only true if you like the idea plus you find the calendar real cool ... only then you are really late. Or, there are almost 12 months left until you need this calendar. Because: If there are some 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches calendars left - we offer this size only until supply laststhen it will definitely not work with the shipping as we absolutely guarantee no reliable delivery on time. If you want to order a hot off the press calendar it's even worse, as we have to add the time, the print company needs. Not even if we handle it "overnight delivery" and we do not deliver our calendars with drones. Promise: We will never do that, sorry.


However: If it's currently May or July, August, September or December, please order soon. This is really no last minute gift, because "Bach 4 You" is not Amazon. If you have no perfect reminder system, best would be you order it right away, this value-priced calendar. After that you hide it: On top of a closet would be best place. Because it's super flat, this calendar, this Valentine's Day gift. This way you can be sure, that this brilliant idea doesn't come back as late as 48 hours prior to this special day and you figure out that you have no gift yet ... again. Or you need another gewgaw aside of your actual present.


Okay, one exception. We are pleased to present you one monthly page here already, one of 26. What all of them have in common? It's always about hearts and music. Why don't you discover many more monthly pages now? On a website, where all the other monthly pages are present. 99 + 4 music calendars, Bach calendars and composers calendars - all come in European format style - plus 2 Valentine's Day calendars and 2 Mother's Day calendars. 3 sizes. 2020 + 2021. To the shop.


Just a reminder: There are two calendar styles … learn more.



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