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Mother's Day gifts: There are thousands of Mother's Day gifts. The problem: You need so many Mother's Day gifts or ideas for Mother's Day in your life. Because Mother's Day finally comes once a year. Every year. Again and again. Year after year. How good, you have just one mother and one mother-in-law ... maximum. Because once in a while even the most creative fall short of good ideas! On the other hand: How good, that there now is "Bach on Bach". Plus finally "Bach 4 You", too, the shop in the publishing house of the "Bach mission" of two creative people in Southern Germany. Initially, there were one Bach calendars, after that came more Bach calendars and the first composers calendar. Next was the idea to offer music calendars, too. And suddenly the idea came up: There are no Mother's Day calendars at all, although they would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day. The publishing house "Bach 4 You" can provide you 2 oncoming years long with a Mother's Day calendar as it doesn't release one Mother's Day calendar but two Mother's Day calendars. And with this offer the teeny publishing house in Baden-Württemberg, one of the Southern Federal States in Germany is the retailer with the least Mother's Day gifts on the planet.

This will always remain the first gift for Mother's Day of the publishing house "Bach 4 You": the Mother's Day Calendar with music in its heart.


Do you prefer the US calendar style, that is to say the calendar is half artwork and half grid? If so, find it on "Zazzle". However, click the most left button (... later ... at the first click destination), if you prefer the European style … learn more.


Sure, the second Mother's Day calendar with so many hearts in different sizes on it. This one also comes with much music, which on the other hand gives it permission to be on that website. Please discover all monthly pages in the shop, directly under the purchase information for the three different sizes and prices of the calendar. However, one question really remains: Is this Mother's Day calendar actually a music calendar, too? 33 music calendars. 3 sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.


2023 + 2024.

Two monthly pages out of 13 from the first Mother's Day calendar. Only because it is besides the hearts on each individual calendar sheet also about music, it is allowed at all in the offer of the Renate Bach Publishing House. You get it 2023 + 2024.  --


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