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You never happened to that? That an author would like you to read a special - albeit short - page on the topic that interests you? Here on this homepage is much different and so you are already used to surprises.


This text serves only to conceal the exciting final result that genealogically in the search for Johann Sebastian Bach's ancestors revealed, a little before your eyes. Because if you are to explore the result here, reading the detailed chapter about Veitbach does not make such a great fun anymore.


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Hans Veit Bach


(... he also lived in Gräfenroda) Born in 1504. As an emigrant from Gräfenroda to Bohemia, according to the entry of the priest in Gräfenroda, arrived as an immigrant in Bohemia, confirmed by the rector and episcopate of the monastery and seminary of Svjnow, Bohemia. Sterbedatum and death place of Hans Veitbach are unknown).



Veit Bach

(Born 1551 in Janeegg / Bohemia, died 1619 in Wechmar, Thuringia)



Hans Bach

(... = Johannes Bach = Hans the Spielmann = great grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach, born 1576 in Hungary *, died 1626 in Wechmar, Thuringia)



Christoph Bach

(... born 1613 in Wechmar, died 1661 in Arnstadt, grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach)



Johann Ambrosius Bach

(Born 1645 in Erfurt, died 1695 in Eisenach, father of Johann Sebastian Bach)



Johann Sebastian Bach

(Born 1685 in Eisenach, died in Leipzig in 1750)





* = von unserem Genealogen Christian Hoske gefunden. Wir prüfen nun, ob hier zwar Ungern stand, oder Hans in Böhmen geboren ist und man es gedanklich Ungarn zuschlug. Oder ob hier nochmals das so geheimnisumwitterte Ungern auftaucht.


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