The Andisleben Bachs ... The Andiolebin Bachs


Four times faster, a professional ancestor is reading through the tons of data. And he knows where he is looking for something and then finds it.



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The Andisleben Bachs


This project deals with four themes. It is about Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach, the musician family Bach. And it is about ancestral research. As a second theme so to speak. In the case of the ancestral research in general, but here, too, the ancestral research on Bach in particular. Thirdly, this is about my wife and myself. That would be fourth.


Here you will find a small, if very compact impression, which we are working out from the depth of the documents found here for you. These pictures are not intended for you to study more precisely here, but to convey a fleeting impression, which makes the project so extensive, so time-intensive, so exciting. But – do not let yourself be confused.


Here is already worked out, which is extracted from the church books. Now follows the assignment – once again a tremendous effort that costs time and effort.



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