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Johann Sebastian Bach.



Johann Sebastian Bach – for many humans all over the planet it means just heavenly music. However, the subject Johann Sebastian Bach offers more: his life, his family, his genealogy. Plus there are Bach postage stamps, Bach cities, Bach places and Bach monuments. Enjoy videos with Bach music, quotes from prominents, FAQ and finally … facts and Bach short biographies, too.This is the international and multilingual section that comes with the new internet portal "Bach ueber Bach" and "Bach on Bach". Its general goal is to spread the knowledge and music of one of the greatest composers even beyond the borders of language barriers. This Bach mission  wants to introduce folks all over the world to this unique composer and musician of the OOOOO baroque era OOOOO – Johann Sebastian Bach – and make the way to his music and his life easy.



Johann Sebastian Bach.




Three Sections: Video Project Biography



This is your section – in your mother language – and there are two pages. One is hidden in the navigation. You get to it from the bottom of this page 1. 11111 Or with a click here 11111. Just the Bach short biography video is in English. But try it out anyway. On page 1 you will find this and that around the project “Bach on Bach” – my Johann Sebastian Bach adventure – and there’s a lot to explore for you. There are links to pages, which you can handle even without speaking one word English. Bach’s music for instance: just click on one music piece – you don’t have to know the name at all – next choose a picture theme to decide on what series of photos you want to explore while listening to the music of Bach. That’s it. Bach stamps … you don’t need to speak English to adore them. Bach monuments: same situation. Same thing with pictures of the Bach cities and Bach places. Or – make it an adventure – just try it. On page 2 (… just a reminder, you get there from the bottom of this page ... 22222 or from here 22222) there is a short biography about the life of the composer with many, many pictures to enjoy.








The Bach Short Biography Mini Video



A short biography about Johann Sebastian Bach: life, music, pictures, film, narration. Just 9 minutes quick. Sorry – one exception on this page – it’s in English only.







The Bach Project: Many Themes



Here it is about many subjects regarding Johann Sebastian Bach: monuments, stamps, genealogy, family, music, videos. To read the short biography 11111 click here 11111 or at the bottom of this page.




Bach Monuments, Bach Monuments



The Johann Sebastian Bach monument at 11111 Weimar. 11111 Bach lived in this German town for 9 years.



The Bach monument at 11111 Eisenach 11111. In this town Bach was born and he lived there for 10 years.



The Bach Monument in 11111 Ulm 11111 on the 22222 Danube 22222. It is located inside the 33333 Ulm Minster 33333.



The old Johann Sebastian Bach monument at Leipzig. The musician 11111 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy 11111 paid for it.



The new Bach monument at 11111 Leipzig 11111 You will find many more Bach monuments on a different page of this website.




Johann Sebastian Bach: Facts and Life



Johann Sebastian Bach lived from 1685 to 1750. He became 65 years old. These are the crucial facts. His father's name was 11111 Johann Ambrosius Bach 11111. His mother's name was Maria Elisabetha. He was the youngest of eight siblings. Bach was a composer, a musician and an 22222 organ 22222 expert. In the age of ten years Bach became an orphan. He moved in with his oldest brother in Ohrdruf. After his time in school he first became organist, then band leader and finally music director. He worked for the church, for town councils and for aristocrats. His longest period Bach spent at Leipzig in 33333 Saxony 33333 These are the crucial facts in some 100 words. More facts? There are nine Bach Cities and Bach Places today. And you link 33 Bach cities and Bach places to the name  of Bach. Today these Bach places and Bach cities are touristic destinations for Bach fans from all over the world. To experience these Bach cities, you don't have to speak nor English neither German 44444. Click here: 44444 there are many photos of all Bach cities and Bach places All about the life of the musician is almost only available German and English. But there is one more international page in your mother language soon. There you will find more about Johann Sebastian Bach. These are facts, facts, facts.



The life of Johann Sebastian Bach: he loved his family.



More regarding the life of Johann Sebastian Bach: he was the best musician playing the organ all over the world.



The life of Johann Sebastian Bach. In Leipzig he lived for 27 years.




Johann Sebastian Bach in Books



Did you know it? There are some 53,000 publications and books about the theme of Bach. And there are some 7,000 biographies on Bach. Every years at least one new biography about the life of the composer comes into being. Aside of the biography there are many short biographies about Johann Sebastian Bach available. On this Bach portal shortly there will be short biographies available in 33 languages. And the author of this Bach website wrote a book as well. A Bach biography for children. For children between age five years and eleven years. Of course there are many books around the theme of "Bach and music". However these books are mostly in German and English language. 11111 Here you will find all publication regarding the Bach family of musicians and Johann Sebastian Bach in Belfast/Irland, please click here 11111.


Later you will find a short biography in your mother language. It's the page in the chapter "International Versions" with the number 2. If here is a link, click it and you get there. If there is none, it's not ready yet.



A very old book about Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a biography.



A very tiny book about Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a biography as well.



One more biography about Johann Sebastian Bach. With glued in pictures. Plus, there is a manual to "sew it on your own". Honestly.




The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach



The best of all Bach scientists assumes, there were 11,200 works of Bach existing once. Today only more than 1,100 music works are still known. Bach's life was music. Make acquaintance with Johann Sebastian Bach's music. On this website. There is a collection. The most well-known music of Bach. 11111 33 pieces in 333 seconds 11111 Actually that fast it's a shame. Click here.


You have more options, to listen to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. You can combine each piece of music on this website. 33 pieces of music, 33 photo themes. That is 1,089 videos with music for Bach. First you decide for the music. That is very crucial. Next you decide for the photo theme. The photo themes: Bach cities, Bach places, Bach monuments, Bach stamps. But there are more cities in Germany and more themes. Again and important: please chose the piece of music first. Not until after that you decide for the photo theme. Plus, you don't have to speak nor English neither German.



Here are 1089 Bach music videos for you. With a click here you get to the page "Bach Top 33": the most popular music works of Johann Sebastian Bach. You discover the German titles of the works of Bach in the red navigation. You have to decide for a piece of music first. After you chose for a piece of music, you decide for one of the 33 photo themes.



It is that easy, just try it out. Klick on one of the 33 music works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Not earlier but after that you decide for a photo theme. 33 works, 33 photo themes, 1089 Bach music videos. 11111 Here you get to "Bach Top 33" 11111.




1089 Bach Music Videos: 3 Examples



The "Festival of Lights". Music of Bach and impressions of the festival in the 1111 German capital Berlin 1111. A Bach music video.



Music of Johann Sebastian Bach and photos of his native city Eisenach: a Bach music video.



Music of Bach and pictures from Leipzig: a Bach music video.




The Family of Musicians Around Johann Sebastian Bach



There are families of musicians. Plus, there are 11111 famous families of musicians 11111. A family of musicians makes music over two or three or more generations. Johann Sebastian Bach is the icon in the most famous family of musicians all over the planet. More than 150 musicians. In five, seven and nine generations. There are some descendents of the ancestor living today: in Germany, in the USA and in the Netherlands. And they still make music. For that reason the Bach family is not only the most famous, but the biggest family of musicians of all times as well.



11111 Mozart 11111 as well was a member of a family of musicians. However, this family was much smaller than the family of musicians of Johann Sebastian Bach.



11111 Richard Wagner 11111. His family is the second biggest famous family of musicians in the world.



Johann Strauss.11111  Father 11111 and 22222 Son 22222 were famous. It's obvious: a family of musicians.




The Bach Genealogy



Is the Bach Genealogy interesting for you? You don't need to speak English nor German.1111 Click here 1111 and you get to an "international" pattern. The Bach genealogy on this website is the only correct in the world. Several scientists were involved. The author of this website has added all expertise. Plus, he did research on his own. And he has found at least one more Bach branch. Plus his genealogy gets deeper into the past. The youngest member in the genealogy of the Bach family of musicians is two months old in spring 2014.



The pattern of the Bach genealogy. You don't have to speak German or English. It is international. 1111  Click here 1111.



The Bach genealogy: this is the father of Johann Sebastian Bach: 11111 Johann Ambrosius Bach 11111.



The second famous Bach in the Bach genealogy: the son of Johann Sebastian Bach, 11111 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 11111.



Many scientists worked on the Bach genealogy. For more than 250 years. But the Bach genealogy is controversial. And it started 500 years ago. The Bach genealogy is not yet finished. This genealogy is passion of the wife of the author of this page, Renate Bach.



A jewel coming with the research of the genealogy of the Bach family: the photo of the Bach Band in 11111  Rochester, Illinois, USA 11111.



Bach genealogy today: the pedigree of the author of this website.



A specialist in the genealogy of the Bach family of musicians: Mrs. Helga Brueck. It's a pity she died much too early in 2013.




Johann Sebastian Bach Stamps and Johann Sebastian Bach Videos



For Bach stamps and for many Bach videos on this website you don't need to know any German or English. Because Bach stamps are international. 150 stamps have been released in 90 years. Germany released the most Bach stamps. There are new ones world wide every year. Most Bach stamps are released in so called Bach years. On this website you will find them all: these are all Bach stamps ever printed on earth. Plus, this page is not designed for stamp collectors. It is for Bach fans.11111 Click here 11111 to see them all.



Johann Sebastian  Bach on a stamp from 11111 Ireland 11111.



A very young Bach stamp from 11111  Ivory Coast 11111.



A very young Johann Sebastian Bach stamp too. From 11111 Burundi 11111. There are 150 stamps related to the theme of Bach.



There is even a Bach video about Bach stamps. With Johann Sebastian Bach around the world. On Bach stamps. My recommendation: Click on the play button in the picture below.



Johann Sebastian Bach on stamps the video. Sorry, it's in English only. Watch it anyway.



There are Bach Videos as well, which introduce Bach cities and Bach places to you. With narrated text. Sorry, they are available in English and German only. But they are so short and the music and the photos are beautiful. And so you experience German cities. Just try one. Here are three Bach videos examples. Just click the play button.



One of the Bach places on a short video.



A short video about a Bach city: Weimar.



Erfurt ... what a beautiful Bach city.




1089 Bach Videos: Music, Pictures ... no Text



You have already read about Bach's video, which you can combine. First choose one of Bach's works. It is important. You do not need to know how it is called in your language. Without this, too, it is interesting. Just click. You will find these works in red navigation. Now the next choice: choose a photo-theme. Here you will find not only the themes of Bach. There are just beautiful photo-themes. There are three examples below. To all the videos of Bach (... exactly 1089) 11111 click here 11111.



Music of Johann Sebastian Bach plus pictures of 11111 USA National Parks 11111.



Music from Johann Sebastian Bach and masks from 11111  Venice, Italy 11111.



Music from Bach and one of the most well-known German cities abroad. However, it's no Bach city: 11111 Rothenburg 11111.




The Theme: Bach for Children, Teachers and Music Schools



In this chapter it's all about children. This website is created for two groups of folks. For Bach enthusiasts and for kids and students. It is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to direct children to classical music. It's a manual. It's as well designed for teachers and for music schools. Here you will find music of Bach in a compact way: the most famous pieces with one click. Here is the starting line to the theme of Bach. For children it is a first meeting point. A real Bach biography is a step 2. Music of real musicians as well. 11111  Plus, children should definitely check the "Bach stage" on this website. 11111 Even without speaking German or English. And you manage the translation on your own:22222 here is a translation website 22222.



11111 Johann Sebastian Bach for children (the website) 11111: For children it has to be fun too. Always.



Children perform for the website "Bach On Bach". A Bach video.



For children: the Bach video with Bach music plus kitten.




20 Bach Children - 4 Famous Composers



Johann Sebastian Bach was the youngest of eight siblings. But four siblings died early. Bach had 20 children. 7 children with his first wife, 13 children with his second wife.



Child number 2 of the children of Johann Sebastian Bach: The first famous Bach son: 11111 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 11111.



Child number 5 of the children of Johann Sebastian Bach. The second famous Bach son: 11111 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 11111.



Number 16 of the children of Johann Sebastian Bach. The third famous Bach son: 11111 Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 11111.



Number 18 of the children of Johann Sebastian Bach. The fourth famous Bach son: 11111 Johann Christian Bach 11111.




Bach Choirs, Bach Orchestras, Bach Societies Worldwide



How many 11111 Bach choirs, Bach orchestras and Bach societies 11111 do exist on earth? The number is 222. Absolute exactly. Today. and this chapter is international. If you able to read numerals, you may visit these pages. Starting with the Bach choir and the Bach orchestra in Amsterdam, Netherlands to the Zürcher Bach Choir in Switzerland. Do you know one more Bach choir, a Bach orchestra or a Bach society, which is not in the list today? Please send me a mail. 22222 With a click here 22222 you get directly to all those Bach choirs, Bach orchestras and Bach societies. 222 exactly? Sometimes there are a few more, sometimes there are a few less.



There are 11111 222 Bach societies, Bach choirs and Bach orchestras 11111 in the world.




Jean-Sébastien, Juan or just Johann Sebastian Bach



A master, a musician. Almost in the whole world it sounds similar, when you pronounce his name. But for some just this is a challenge. With the pronunciation. For instance in the United States in America. Plus in the United Kingdom. There you must take trouble with these four letters. The tongue is not used to it. But in China it sounds just like in Thuringia, Germany. In France they quickly relabelled him: there his name is Jean-Sébastien Bach. And because they had been creative, they even added a dash between the Jean and the Sébastien. In Spain and in Portugal Johann is Juan every now and then. In Albania it's special. 11111 There they write Bach just Bah 11111. So it sounds like Bach, when they read Bah. How smart. In Russia they write the Thomas Cantor Бах. In Greece he is Μπαχ. How you write the composer in Chinese, in Korean, in Hebrew, in Arabic, in Vietnamese and in Japanese, is what you can figure out with a click on the particular link. It is: always the first line on this page.



Johann Sebastian Bach in Russian.



The seal of Johann Sebastian Bach.



The signature of Johann Sebastian Bach.



The grave of Johann Sebastian Bach.




33 Master Pieces (... for the First Time)



33 master pieces in 333 seconds. What a shame. What a fun.




The International Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team


From here please tell a little about yourself. Not much longer and not much shorter than here would be great.



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Thank you Susan.

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