Proof Read Request in Both English and All Foreign Languages: You Might Really Want to Help, But After Reading You Will Feel It's "Work"!



I am Peter, I created this Bach project with its international and multilingual section and meanwhile almost 50 languages addressing 3.9 billion native speakers on the planet.



Please read my following request details carefully, as you might not at all accept or love these requests, because you are convinced they lead to a poor result. I would definitely understand your concerns!



Renate (... on the right) and the church tower of our little home village in Germany (... on the left).




My Really Crucial Requests Regarding Your Proof Reading Help



I have a very long history and experience with help in the matter of proof reading my English text. I am a writer and an editor. However, my mother language is German. So – as an editor and a writer in Germany – I do know you could always upgrade a sentence and a translation. Plus you always can say something this way around or an other. Or optimize. Or change. Again, again, and again.



That is, what it is not about.



It is about hunting for real mistakes. Primarily spelling mistakes and – at a same level of importance – major grammar mistakes. Plus punctuation.



For instance: I have a hard time with using the terms "too", "as well" and "also". I would love if you help me with that but you have to remain within the to given periods. So I probably messed that up often on my pages and need your help.




Is it a Real Sentence After All?



No. No real sentences. Many of them are no real sentences. Always remember: it's a style thing, too. Not in a magnitude that I would state, that I love my personal style as weird grammar English. But check the no in that paragraph, 4 lines above (... first word). Until the first period it's just one word. Until the next period it's no sentence as well. Just three words. And "Just three words" is no sentence, too. It is freedom of my way to write on this website. Would I have stated "in this website" ... that would have been a real mistake ... and no style thing.



Plus there are picture underlines and headlines, which are no school English sentences. "Bach monuments, Bach monuments" for instance. It's a creative headline. "Poor JSB ... he never got the music book back." ... is a picture underline. Or is it: he never got back the music book? If both is possible, leave my version. If not it's subject to change. And there is always my kidding around. Be aware of this fact. Always. Kidding.




A period is a period, is a period ... is a period!




A period is the most crucial character of our future teamwork. It minimizes your work and keeps my style alive. However, it's a challenge, which you might not be willing to accept.



A   " .   " (... period)    ... always has to remain where it is. Never combine sentences. Never ever. Please!



1. It’s not about making a sentence just a little better. It’s not about polishing from 95 % perfection to 100 %. It’s not about change a word into a better one. This detail is so very crucial because it reduces your work and time plus helps to make this website really better.



2. An exapmple: it’s not about changing my style of writing. If I write:



Johann Ambrosius Bach. What a musician. What a composer. He played on festivities, on burials, on weddings, on christenings. I don’t want that changed into:



Johann Ambrosius Bach was a musician and composer, who played on festivities, on burials, on weddings and christenings.



No, no, no!



A period always has to remain where it is. Never combine sentences. Never ever. Please!



Wikipedia and Google Translator Are Our Common Best Friends: Thanks to Both!



I had it before and I am sure: somebody who wanted to help translated from German to English and I could definitely discover, that this real nice person (... and I mean it) changed whole parts of the content of sentences, because he didn't want to check neither on Google Translator nor on Wikipedia nor did he want to ask me for the meaning of a wording. That doesn't make sense, because it's followed by a back and forth and proof read of the proof read and proof read of the proof read.



Google Translator or even Wikipedia, click on the sample links, help with the following challengings:



Sovereign –  epeebaroque eramultilingualrunning textPrussiasteel engravingStadtpfeifferfugue.




I Need Complete Correct Paragraphs



It's absolutely crucial that both the number (... light blue) and the links and underlines (... between +++ +++ signs) stay and you transfer them with your help. Plus I need the whole paragraph processed, not just the mistake corrected or your hint, where in the text or pragraph I could find the problem.




A Fine Line



Thousands of teachers and professors will soon read on this website. And – you and I – we both want to accomplish one goal: the best possible grammar and spelling and punctuation plus my way to create a "very different, cool website about the super composer JSB". As there are common websites about Johann Sebastian Bach enough.



I hope, I didn't frustrate you, nor should you think I am arrogant. However, not writing in your mothr language doesn't mean, I am an amateur. If you are serious with your help offer for me, you get my point. I am sure. and I am looking forward to work with you. Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to get your mail.





My Dad, Peter Bach, Sr. Since his death on July 6th 2017 at age 94 he is member of honor in the JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH DREAMTEAM.