35 Versions ... Please Help Us ... with Native Language Translation ... We Are Looking for Volunteers



Please don't start translating until you contacted me. The text source is in English only. For the most languages it's still way more than on the current page in your mother language. Chinese is accomplished. For the Russian and the Ukrainian versions I need your help starting as late as number 60 on page 2. Do you want to check the total amount? It's a total of two website pages, positions 1 to 180. Click here to page 1 (... 1 to 90). Click here to page 2 (... 91 to 180).




You Didn't Get My Feedback Instantly?




If I didn't answer within 24 hours after you sent me a first mail, please contact me via phone or paper letter. Get the information here. Please check on the time difference if you call. Thanks so very much for that detail.







We need the help of volunteers. Please become a member of our International Johann Sebastian Bach Dreamteam. If you like, we add a good photo and a short story about your life and plans in the future at the bottom of both pages. Check out how that would look like with a click here. Then scroll down to the end of the page.



Your Personal Language Is Missing?



If you would be able and like to translate both source pages in an additional not yet presented and listed language beyond my 35, I would add your language on my website. That would be really cool. I would love it.





My Poor Translation



Yes, "my" grammer and spelling in the 35 languages, except English, Chinese, Ukrainian and Russian is actually poor, poor, poor. How come? Well that is what I need your help for. I started with sentences in easy grammer and let a software do its job. Later Google Translator developed a way better translating software. However, here is where you come into play. Please.




Caution: Possible Confusion!



It's important for you to know, that the current version in your mother language is not the source text for the final page in your mother language. It's all done by excellent translation software, compared what was on the market back then. However it's far from perfection.




The Numbers in the Text Source



Please realize, as I am a professional editor and writer, I do know: your translation for me must be in your native/mother language. Excuse the unpolite word "must". Having learned a language would not do.



Please do not start to translate until we "met" via mail. Because somebody could be almost ready with exactly the translation you offer. Right now.




Want to Check the Source Text Now?



That's real easy. Please cick here.




Fonts Which I Am not Able to Read



Especially in languages, which I am not even able to read (... Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew and maybe more) the numbers (... in a light blue) in the source text are absolutely important for me to orientate myself. Please always leave the numbers where they are. In every line, in every paragraph, in every headline, in every picture underline. Plus, please conserve paragraphs as a whole. Please just "copy and paste" the paragraphs from my website and then send the corrected paragraph to me by mail – as a whole including the number and the date at the end (2017/09/09). 




From the paragraph number to the date – Let’s Build a Mutual Construction



Just assume this would be the paragraph (… see the number to your left?), which I ask you to translate into your mother language. With my history and experience in three translations – Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese – I figured out that problems do start when things are unclear, your updates come in and i write about my concerns with one section. That is why I ask you to transfer whole paragraphs only. An then send them – always in the currently final and valid version. So I can copy and paste, even if I don’t understand neither your language nor your signs (... if applicable). So if you change a word, after you sent me your work, don’t make it a hint or a fraction of a paragraph, just one sentence or send me “just” the hint to change one word. Please: you change the one word, copy the whole paragraph next and send this whole valid paragraph to me. Not to get confused, change the date at the end of each paragraph (... if it's a chnage), like I do it here after the final period and keep the number as the first character/s at the beginning of each paragraph. 2017/09/09.




Please Send Me Questions Upfront 



I would much appreciate your approval, to send me questions regarding your “fist translation round” before you send me your final translation. It seems that it is more work for you, but it’s not. Goal should be to get a question free and option free complete translation in the order of my numbers. Believe me, if you send me a translation with many questions, uncertainties and two or even more options, the problems exactly start there and it will definitely get complicated. Send me a first mail like: “Peter, in paragraph 34, line 5 you mention an epee. What is this?”




Let's Start With a Sample ... an Appetizer




To play it save, after we "met electronically", please don't translate more than 10 numbers first. So we can be sure, you don't do the whole job, and I can not process the result. This would be a pity. Just in case I forget to mention this later.




Your Photo, Vita and Plans



We want to decorate all foreign-language pages in a common design: your portrait + a landmark + the flag of the country of the language.



It's really easy: you surely have a smart phone. In your smartphone there is a camera function. These photos come out in high resolution. Best case is you make a new photo: you just need a friend, a family member or a colleque. Take the photos from your head down to your belt. Selfies do not work.



Position yourself in front of a wall. Distance some 3 to 6 feet. Hand your smartphone to your "photographer" (... your friend, buddy, sister, brother). Ask him or her, to make 3 to 6 photos of you. Always the same place, the same frame. And smile. Important: he or she should tell you one second ahead, when she is taking the photo. That is the whole secret for nice portraits. In a collection of 3 to 6 photos we can be sure, there is one with your perfect smile.



Why in front of a wall? Because we "cut the photo of you out". And we place it in front of one of the landmarks of your country (... in France the Eiffel Tour, in Great Britain Big Ben, in India the Taj Mahal, in Moscow the Kremlin and so on ...). Then we add the flag of your home country. Ready. Look here for samples. When you arrived, scroll down completely.




Please Leave the Underlined Words and the +++ Signs in Place for Me



Underlined words are the foundation for later hyperlinks. I wouldn't be able to find the matching word in your translation if you don't transfer the underline and the +++ signs in your translation. The +++ signs are an additonal help coming with the underline, in particular if I can not read the letters like in Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and Hindi.




Please Do Not Get Creative



My cordial request to you: Please do not change a single word for style reasons. Every noun is very, very important. The sentence "Bach is born in Eisenach, Bach moved in with his brother later and already after seven years Bach hiked to Lueneburg" contains the word "Bach" 3 times. This sentence doesn't sound elegant. 3 times the word "Bach" seems to be too much. But the word "Bach" is so very important. It's important to be found on Google.



The translation "Bach is born in Eisenach, he moved in with his brother and already after seven years the musician hiked to Lueneburg" would be much more elegant, but it would be a catastrophy as you would have erased the most important word – which is Bach – on my website.



Plus do not combine 2 sentences into 1 sentence. So please translate as close as you can manage.







I would be pleased to answer your questions. SEO (search engine optimization) is complicating. And coming with your help not just the translation is important for me. If you want to know something far more behind what I explained here in a few words, just let me know. Don't hestitate to ask: I love writing and the more you know about the background the better our future mutual page on "Bach über Bach" and on "Bach On Bach" will be.



Thank you so much!

Yours Peter Bach, Jr.



On the left that's Renate: she is the genealogy specialist in our Johann Sebastian Bach mission. I created the websites in my Johann Sebastian Bach project.