Johann Sebastian Bach

Stamps from Africa


You get more background with a click on the link below the Johann Sebastian Bach postage stamp.


So, which of these three persons on the Bach stamp actually is Johann Sebastian Bach?


1988  Madagascar


1988  Madagascar



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And there is one more portrait of Bach coming with this stamp, what Bach could have looked like. Plus - where in the stamp actually is Bach?

1985  The Comoros


1985  Djibouti

That is what does not belong onto a letter. Such artwork needs to go into a frame and on the wall. It is one of our favorite stamps: the Bach stamp from the Republic of Ivory Coast.


2012  Republic of Ivory Coast

What actually has the jungle doctor to do with Bach? And why after all is this a Bach stamp? What you almost don't see in the original size of the stamp works much better in the enlargement. More is what you find with a click here.


1973  Gabun

2000  Gambia



This actually is really no challenge for the best of the best. Why after all is this stamp permitted into the whole big family of Bach stamps? A hot tip: it's working better, if you enlarge the picture.


2000  Gambia


2003  Gambia


1985  Guinea


2002  Guinea


2002  Guinea


2002  Guinea


2002  Guinea Bissau



What have a pope, Bach, the ICE and a classic car in common? Correct: all that is German.


2008  Guinea Bissau


2010  Guinea Bissau


2010  Guinea Bissau


2012  Guinea Bissau


1985  Congo


1990  Congo


2012 Congo


2012 Congo


2012  Congo


2000  Lesotho


1975  Mali


2000  Mali



You do already know, why this is a Bach stamp, although neither pics, nor a note of the Thomas Cantor can be found on the paper. However, without the text in the part underneath the pictures there would have been no pardon at all.


2009  Mali



This Bach stamp is what you have to check on Flickr. This is possible with a click on the stamp.


2012  Mali


1985  Mauritania


2012  Mozambique


2012  Mozambique


1976  Ruanda


2000  Ruanda


1985  Sierra Leone


2000  Sierra Leone

With a very high probability this is no real Bach stamp, but it is awesomely "handmade" - however it looks really cool. Or should it be they look really cool?


1990  Somalia

1987  Togo


2013  Togo


2010  Tongo


2000  Chad


2012  Chad


1985  Central African Republic


2011  Central African Republic


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