Bach Cities and Bach Places:

Langewiesen, Thuringia


1  Why Is Langewiesen a Bach Place?

Is Langewiesen Bach city or Bach place? Langewiesen is a Bach city in category C. It's all my responsability: I made Langewiesen Naumburg and Potsdam Bach category C cities and Bach places. Johann Sebastian Bach didn't live in one of these locations, but he accomplished at least one job. Related to a music performance, an organ job or he ordered or picked up an instrument.


In the year 1706 Johann Sebastian Bach inspected the organ in the "Liebfrauenkirche", the Church of Our Lady in Langewiesen. It was exactly on November 28th of 1706.


2  The Bach Place of Langewiesen on 6 Pics

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3  Info About the Bach Place Langewiesen

Who is Mr. Heinse? And if you don't know Heinse, is that a gap in your general education? First things first: in Langewiesen some 3,460 residents are living. Langewiesen lies in the valley of the little river Ilm. Back to Heinse. You either decide to look for him yourself: on the webiste of this community. Or I do it for you: here he is, in the tourism and culture section. And, there go "Ausstellungen" plus later, "Heinse". Heinse was born in Langewiesen. If you prefer information in English, please click here.


So, he was writer, poet, culture theorist plus translator and his complete name was Jacob Wilhelm Heinse. To honor him there is a exhibit in Langewiesen and much more is, what you find, if you are interested, here (which is the same destination as in the paragraph before).


4  Where Is this Bach Place Located?

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Bach Cities and Bach Places:

Naumburg, Saxony


1   Why Is Naumburg a Bach Cities?

Is Naumburg Bach city or Bach place? Naumburg is a Bach city in category C.


Naumburg was travel destination of Johann Sebastian Bach in the year 1746. Together with still today world famous organ builder Gottfried Silbermann he examined the new organ in the "Wenzelskirche", the Wenzel Church. This was exactly on September 14th in the year 1746. It's still known today, they had dinner in the restaurant "Zum grünen Schilde". Two days later they both went to City Hall and delivered the inspection report. A second event is related to the name of Bach two years later, when Bach contacted the council of Naumburg, to recommend his son-in-law and student Johann Christoph Altnikol as an organist. At that time Altnikol was already engaged with Bach's daughter Elisabeth.


2  The Bach City of Naumburg on 6 Pictures

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3  Info About the Bach City of Naumburg

32,800 residents and Naumburg calls itself the "Dome City on the river Saale". Worth a visit: firstly the little video on the website of the town. That is really similar to the tiny videos on "Bach on Bach" and upgrades the mood to visit that place at once. Plus the website is attractive. It's so attractive, that I now have the option, to copy everything, what's there or just offer you a visit. See the link above.


Meanwhile Naumburg has an age of almost 1,000 years and they promise, that your visit will become an excitement. Plus when you look at the middle class houses and the dome on the pictures closer, than you truly believe all this. There are city tours and theme tours and for those, who just want to know more now, might like to click to Wikipedia. However, please click yourself to the correct Naumburg, to "our" Naumburg on the Saale.


4  Where Exactly Is this Bach City Located?

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Bach Cities and Bach Places:

Potsdam, Brandenburg


1  Why Is Potsdam one of the Bach Cities?

Is Potsdam Bach city or Bach place? Potsdam is a great Bach city in category C.


Actually Potsdam belongs into the category A of all Bach cities. However, in the sense of our list he hasn't lived there for a while, nor has he worked there for a while. Anyway, from a musical perspective it probably was the peak of Johann Sebastian Bach's career. That is to say, when he finally followed several requests of the King of Prussia and performed for Friedrich II in his newly constructed palace. Bach's son Carl Philipp Emanuel made music as a musician for the king at that time. In many a  biography of the composer this visit and the creation of "The Musical Sacrifice" is a "last exciting"story" in Bach's life. That happened in the year 1746.


It's worth to mention that they assume, that Bach already in 1741 visited his son Carl Philipp Emanuel in Potsdam.


2   Music by Bach + Pics from Potsdam

No narration, just music and pics: Potsdam, a Bach city.


3   The Bach City of Potsdam on 6 Pictures

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4  Info About the Bach City of Potsdam

In my personal matter: Potsdam as a city with historic buildings is breathtaking. However, never ever in my life before I was so much frustrated with scaffolds everywhere. No exciting building, so that is to say almost no exciting building was without a hoarding, a scaffold or a barrier. But, who would be interested in such an information?! That is status summer 2013. I will be back. In five years. Then you get dreamlike photos for all Bach enthusiasts all over the world.


Potsdam, that is 160,000 residents. Potsdam, that is capital of the Federal State of Brandenburg. Potsdam is neighbor city of Berlin, the town is located southwest. The cultural landscape was adopted 1990 by the UNESCO as the largest ensemble of the German world heritage in the List of the World Culture and Nature Heritage of mankind. Potsdam is home of long tradition "Filmstudio Babelsberg". There are three public universities and thirty science institutes. To add up all the touristic sights here, wouldn't make much sense. Better, you click yourself to that page instead.


One exception of course: Sanssouci. What an offer. The palace, the park and the many single attractions, which this famous name stands for. Here you can get a first impression yourself.


5   Where Exactly Is this Bach City Located?

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