The tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Arnold Schönberg


© Foto/Quelle/Lizenz: By Florence Homolka [Attribution], Schoenberg Archives at USC; via Wikimedia Commons

The painting coming with the tribut.


Who payed tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach? Arnold Schönberg was an austrian composer. Beyond that he was a music theorist and a composition teacher, a painter, a poet and an inventor as well. He was born in Vienna, austria in the year 1874 and he died in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America in 1951. From 1941 he had the US citizenship. He was one of the most influencial composers of the early 20th century. Already in an the age of nine years he played the violin. And he figured out composing. However it took many years until he was acknowledged as a composer. In the United States Schönberg was first a professor in New York and Boston, later in Los Angeles, California. Today he is laid to rest at the Viennese Central Cemetary.