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Calendars, Calendars, Calendars: Just One Internet Calendar Portal Is Really Cool and You Support Our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission


Calendars ... yes, but ... ! Nope ... on this one of our website pages it's not about composers, not about calendars for children and it's not about calendars related to the subject of music. So, our little artist in the pic above is "just" a cute, likeable illustration.



Actually ... you wanted to get dircectly to the shop now? That is possible with a click here!


The Bach Mission and A Calendar Offer


Calendars, calendars, calendars: How can we recommand a calendar website which seems to be competition so obviously? Do we support our competition? Actually yes, sort of, and no, too..


With some 50 years experience in life we learned, that if somebody is looking for a video, you won't convince him to have a slide show created. Okay, back in the time when slide shows and slide projectors existed. However, preparing so many websites around the theme of Bach, composers and music plus Bach calendars, composer calendars, music calendars and music calendars for children you check on many websites and offers, you visit competition calendar publishing houses. Plus if you are the smallest and newest and youngest, than you learn from all others. You get impressions and you like some websites, and you dislike some. And you love this or that offer and you are disappointent by one or another.


First reason to recommand the company on that page of our webiste is: We were very impressed by the design plus by the offer of starkalender.de. Their variety is different. It's fun to navigate and you experience a clear impression of many nice calendars and calendars subjects. It's fun to surf on their side and the offer of calendar seems to be very beautiful and organized. So, our recommendation is serious and we stand behind this hint. As quality is our first priority too, we honestly feel good to send you there. Because if you are shopping for a calendar showing French cities, you probably wouldn't buy a calendar about Bach composers. If you are looking for a calendar wirh cute frog pictures, a composers calendar isn't your goal.


Second reason. If you find and buy a calendar at starkalender.de "Bach 4 You" gets a small – what they call – effort compensation. As the overall goal of the Renate Bach publishing house is to refinance the expenses of the common Bach mission, we feel that recommanding you a place, where you find – in our common opinion – a better choice of calendars, is just fair, as long as those calendars are not more expensive, when we are part of the game.


Why don't you visit them and check on their calendars. However: Please send us a mail, if you found they are selling tons of calendars meanwhile: whether it's music calendars, Bach calendars, composer calendars or music calendars for children. Thank you already today. Enjoy.




It's just not possible: There is just no page on a single webiste in our common Bach mission, where no picture of Johann Sebastian Bach is present. So, here too, it's no exception from the rule ... on this page: A cool calendar related to the subject of Bach and many Bach cities and many Bach locations. You can order this calendar in three sizes: It's coming hot off the press for you. Do you want to discover more, 33 Bach calendars and 66 more music calendars? Just click here.



Discover Starkalender.de in Germany! Enjoy!


We have provided some real cool theme suggestions for you here. Of course there are dozens more out there. However, with a click here you get a real fast first impression how cool this calendar portal and its offer really is.


Right from the very beginning we would like to communicte the following: On the one hand we - the two creatives of the Bach mission - are excited by the offer of Starkalender.de and it's webiste, on the other hand we do get a small promotion effort compensation - that is what they call it in Germany today - when you buy a calendar there.And this is what the whole chapter is about: the refinancing of the project. This is why this page is promotion and it's the reason we tell you about this fact every once in a while.


It is no secret: We need your support. Starcalendar firstly is really cool organized and there is fiun with dicovering the first motive. And fun means in that case, that you will like these animal pictures on the animal calendars, even if you weren't looking for an animal calendar nor would you like to buy one. That is true with many themes. Just explore the city calendars. Or the section "Countries and cointinents". Colors, formats, themes: Those who are excited by  great photos will love this portal. Plus don't forget: No 50:50 format style, they are all European format, which is poster format, too. The "stars" among those calendars is a section with 28 titles from A like Audrey Hepburn until M like "Minions", of course the Minions. Nice and well organnized are those offers as well, which show, what the different calendar publishing houses are publishing. So, if you like this one or that one from this calendar publishing house, why don't you check on their other calendars? The Harenberg Calendar Publishing House introduces their offer, the Brockhaus Publishing Company , the Nomada Calendar Verlag, the Weingarten Publishing House, the Heye Calendar Publishing Company with 121 calendars and some 30 more. The exciting fact is, that Starkalender.de has integrated all offers in their presentation way and so the fun doesn't stop, even if you check on one of these participating publishing companies.


A final single tipp: Check on the sailing calendar section: 17 calendars with dreamlike photos.



You probably guessed it: This is a calendar again published by the publishing company "Bach 4 You". It is (... and remains) the first composers calendar of the publishing house and the mission. You will be able to purchase it in the oncoming 100 years again and again. And it will be ahead of all following calendars of the publishing house – composers calendar or not – exactly one year. One exception: The first Bach calendar. This first Bach calendar was published even a little bit earlier, however it was in the same season. Find 99 calendars related to music here. Plus 3 calendars which work on Mother's Day only and 3 calendars, whcih work on Valentine's Day only.



Stop, Stop, Stop –  From Here It's All about Entertainment


Well, now you know, where you way could head from here: That is firstly the calendar suggestions of "Bach 4 You" of course, the shop of the Renate Bach Publishing House in the Johann Sebastian Bach Mission of Renate Bach and Peter BAch jr. with their effort, to publish Bach's work and life even broader and worldwide.


On the other hand both are convinced to recommand starkalender.de, the a German calendar portal offering nothing but brilliant European format style calendars. Of course we do that, because f you decide for a calendar there, you would support ourt mission, on the other hand, because their offer is just more entertainment, than on any other calendar supplier or calendar internet website. On Starkalender.de researching calendars and finding calendars and deciding for a calendar is real fun.


On this page of our website (... on which you are currently reading) the whole theme is continuing absolutely different to what you expect it now. Because you will lern more about calendras in general from here on. So that is to say about calendars through the time, through the last centuries. More precisely: You learn more about the history of the calendar. Great, if you are interested in such. Plus the hint, that you probably don't miss a thing, if you are looking for a calendar a music calendar or a different calendar and you click yourself away from here. With a click here you get – once again – to Starkalender.de. With a click here you get – one more time, too – to all 99 calendars of "Bach 4 You".


This exciting information related to the theme of calendars is what we combine for an exciting article her soon. With man nice illustrations and you will be able to read it, wenn you come back to tzhis place in late summer 2016. Than the job around our calendar offer will be accomplished and there is some more time left for this part of the page of this webiste. Plus for this theme. We are looking foreard to your comeback.



The gift for Mother's Day: The Mother's Day calendar from "Bach 4 You". Of course a page about calendars on this webiste can not end, without a calendar of the publishing house again. Click here to explore the 12 monthly pages.









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