Related to Johann

Sebastian Bach?


A long preserved and bewared jewel in my family, which connects me to America. This document was one of the triggers, which made us research for a connection between Johann Sebastian Bach and the United States of America. Plus, which led us after nine hours of "googling without interruption" first to Bach author Helga Brueck. Plus, later on finally to the hoped for goal.



Is your name Bach or are you related to the Bach Family of Musicians? Are you assuming it at least? Then we might be able to help you. Because with the century old documents and on the basis of the work of Bach scientists and Bach genealogists Kurt Hermann Frickel, Hermann Kock, Ragnhild Siegel, Helga Brueck, Karl Geiringer and Professor Dr. Günter Krafft we believe, that we collected the largest, most complete and most important, most correct genealogy regarding the Bach Family of Musicians. Latest findings and of course "new" Bachs, how they call themselves today, change the Bach Genealogy steadily. Collected on the other hand means today, that until now, almost nothing is prepared for a perfect publication. It is a project which needs not years to accomplish to perfection, but a decade.


However, one indication should at least point to the fact you do believe you are related to the musicians. That is to say, for instance the research of your grandfather. Or a family tree, which is existing already and points in the direction of the composer. In our case an indication in an assumption, that can be proven, in one way or another. Just the name of Bach, or the family Background is Thuringia or one of the Bach cities and Bach places wouldn't do for such.


Peter Bach Jr., costumed as a Bavarian - converted two generations, before I began to be interested in genealogy.



However, if a relationship with the composer is imaginable, we would love if you contact us. Then we share a portion of your way through the past. If so, we are interested as well, actually we would be very much interested in more background. Because there are still "white spots" on the genealogical map of the family of musicians. Plus, maybe we can help with our genealogical experience. Or there is a common interest to ask Christian Hoske for his help and we might finance this part together. Of course for a special low fee in addition. If you don't hear from us, if you get no answer to your mail, that's not our way to communicate, than your mail was blocked by our spam filter - please send your lines again, by snail mail, that is to say paper mail. We are looking forward to your feedback.


This was just it, not more than this single page, what my family considered a lost treasure in the volume of a shoe box for over 50 years. However, if you finally learned to cherish and to arrange this heritage, it's of priceless value.